Research areas

  • System analysis of the Russian building industry and identifying current trends in the development of the investment and construction complex in the competitive conditions of self-regulation of construction activities
  • Analysis of the organizational and legal forms of construction organizations, identifying the role of small organizations, and assessing their competitiveness as a factor in increasing the efficiency of economic activity in a competitive and self-regulatory environment
  • Study of modern approaches, identifying areas of developing the theory and methods of managing business activities and projects in the investment and construction sector, in real estate and in the urban planning system with the account of the increasing role of socially-oriented areas of economic development and in a competitive environment and self-regulation of construction activities
  • Improving the mechanism for enhancing the efficiency of investment in new construction, reconstruction, restoration and overhaul, taking into account the urban planning system of the city, as forming socio-economic processes
  • Development of models to improve the management of economic activities of construction organizations
  • identifying ways to improve the implementation of state functions of regulating market relations in construction 
  • development of mechanisms for managing investment and construction activities in a crisis at the level of a construction organization by increasing its competitiveness, improving budgeting, and risk management
  • development of mechanisms for effective management of the housing stock and identification of the potential of professional management of objects of historical heritage in a crisis economy in the Russian Federation
  • Development of mechanisms of public-private partnership in the construction and formation, and development of the system of infrastructure support for business activities.

Research group

  • Economic problems of a current state and forecasting development of a building complex under the influence of such tendencies and factors, as re-structuring of national economies, innovative technologies, perfection of technological and reproduction structures of investments, increasing a role of the socially-focused directions of development, etc.;
  • Theoretical and methodological bases of a building complex development;
  • Organizational-economic aspects of formation of control systems of a building complex; researches of modern lines of development of construction and its organizational forms as self-organized and self-adjustable system;
  • State functions of regulation of market relations in construction;
  • Analysis of a current state and the basic tendencies of development of the building market and its separate segments; the analysis and an estimation of efficiency of investments into increase of technological level, mechanization and automation of building manufacture
  • Maintenance of competitiveness of building production and the enterprises of a building complex;
  • Development of the theory, methodology and estimation methods of efficiency of building organizations’ activity;
  • Methodological bases of formation of mutual relation system between participants of investment process in construction (the investor - the customer - the builder - the designer - the contractor);
  • Development of methodological approaches to economy and management of various directions of capital construction;
  • Organizational-economic aspects of formation of control systems resource – and- power savings in housing and communal services;
  • Economic problems of reconstruction and restoration of capital housing funds and communal services of various patterns of ownership; development of methodology of management and the organization of investment designing in construction; theoretical, methodological and methodical bases of efficiency estimation of investment projects in construction.


  • Abliazov T.Kh. The development of the infrastructure support of Entrepreneurship system in conditions of economic crisis / T. Kh. Abliazov, Zh. G. Petukhova // European Science and Technology: 12th International scientific conference, Munich, 2016. – Р. 125-128
  • Panibratov Y., Larionov A. Time is the most Important Resource for Increasing Construction Efficiency // Applied Mechanics and Materials. – 2015. – Vol. 725-726. – P. 1007-1012
  • Koshcheyev V.Pletneva N. Logistics of a Building Company: Specifics and Methods of Logistics System Management // Applied Mechanics and Materials. – 2015. – Vol. 725-726. – P. 1013-1018


  • Advisory services in scientific research areas;
  • Training for employees professional skills improvement in building and industrial organizations in the field of building economy;
  • Norms and specifications development of national and international standards.


  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
  • Faculty of automobile and road-building
    Faculty of automobile and road-building
  • Faculty of economics and management
    Faculty of economics and management
  • Faculty of architecture
    Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of civil engineering
    Faculty of civil engineering
  • Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
    Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
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