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The university has all conditions to keep good sports form of students and strengthen their health. Besides the curriculum studies, the sports base of the chair of physical training allows students to train in the selected kinds of sports. Created in 2016 the sports club of SPSUACE (the director — Cand. Sc. in education, the professor A. V. Karavan) includes sections of automobile sports, basketball, boxing, struggle (sambo-wrestling, fighting sambo-wrestling, judo, free-style wrestling, Greek-Roman, taekwondo, kickboxing), volleyball, track and field athletics, football, hockey, art gymnastics, cheerleading.
For 10 years SPSUACE has had one of the strongest students’ sports teams of St.-Petersburg. In many kinds of sports our students-sportsmen have become winners and prize-winners of the international, All-Russia, city competitions. The university is proud of the branch of art gymnastics organized in 2000. The team of gymnasts has taken prize-winning places at the city and regional competitions many times. The team on cheerleading appeared rather recently (in 2010) but our girls have already showed their skills at various competitions. Their sports program includes the most complicated acrobatic elements combining elements of show and entertaining kinds of sports (dances, gymnastics, acrobatics). For many years our university teams on fighting sambo-wrestling, hockey and motor racing have been the strongest among the city students’ teams. In total, in the Championship of higher educational institutions of St.-Petersburg our University has taken part in 65 competitions on 70 various kinds of sports. SPSUACE enters into the five of the best high schools of the city on sports (out of 58, taking part in the Championship).
At the University there are held regular collective sports actions, days of health, sports-mass actions, Games, relay races, matches and friendly sports-cultural meetings with students’ teams of high schools of St.-Petersburg, Russia, Europe.
Apart from training and playing sports students open their creative potential in the centre of leisure and creativity «Brick» (students’ club «Brick»), based in 2005. In the club there are more than ten studios which about 300 students on the average belong to. There are also held classes of collectives of amateur performances, studios of art skills, a creative (theatrical) studio, classical, modern and Arabian dances, a vocal-choral studio, a photographic studio, KVN, a journalist club.
A studio of modern dance «Made’Ира» (it was created in 2003) works in many different directions and styles. Its dancing group performs on various grounds of St.-Petersburg, it has been awarded by diplomas of the participant of some festivals: «ART STUDIO!», VII open festival of youth movement hip-hop «January project», festival of modern dance «Vivat St.-Petersburg», XI and XII St.-Petersburg open hip-hop-festivals «May party». At X festival «May party» the group entered a semi-final, in 2010 took III place at the competition of dances of Admiralty area, has recently become the winner of II degree in a nomination «Variety dance» in «Russian students’ spring» and performed in Kazan in December, 2016 having won honorable I place at Interuniversity dancing festival Stu dance cup.
In the studio of ball dance students learn to perform Latin American dances: samba, rumba, etc. There works a section of dancing aerobics for students, post-graduate students and employees of the University.
The vocal-choral studio (since 2010) includes a chamber choir of the University, a female vocal ensemble, small ensembles (duets, trios, quintets) and separate soloists. The studio repertoire includes compositions of Russian and foreign classics, sacred music, national songs, pop, jazz and modern compositions. The chamber choir annually participates in the festival of amateur choral collectives «April thaw», together with modern Petersburg poets have literature-musical parties in the Library of N.A. Nekrasov, performs on scenes of the Academic chapel of M. I. Glinka and Smolny cathedral, in the concert halls of the house-museum of Derzhavin and Pavlovsk palace, in St. Maria’s Finnish church, the art hall of Vitebsky station, a chapel of the Prioratsky palace in Gatchina, takes part in concert programs of SPSUACE. In 2012 it became the winner of the festival-competition of students’ creativity of high schools in Saint-Petersburg «ART STUDIO!», participated in the first open choral tournament of the city in 2012-2013 and in a combined choir of all participants of the tournament executed a cantata of young Petersburg composer Ilia Kuznetsov on Olga Berggolts’s verses «Blockade diary». In 2013 it was awarded by the Diploma of II degree for their participation in XIII Sretensky festival of youth choirs.
2015-2016 appeared extraordinary successful for the vocal-choral studio: the chamber choir became the winner of the festival of students’ choral collectives of St.-Petersburg high schools, the winner of III degree of the international competition «Academy»; the female vocal ensemble won the I place in the regional competition «Rock on Vasilevsky!», the winner of III degree of the XVI open festival of young performers of patriotic songs «Neva-landing-2016» and the competition «Russian students’ spring in Saint-Petersburg-2016». The quintet of girls presented our high school at the All-Russia stage of the competition «Students’ spring-2016» in Kazan, taking II place in the regional program as a part of the creative team of St.-Petersburg. Soloists and duets actively participate in vocal competitions «Lucky Star», «ART STUDIO!» and «Cultural capital city». In December, 2016 according to the results of organized by the All-Russian federation of arts of the International musical competition «Accord» in Semenovsky concert hall of St.-Petersburg the vocal ensemble of SPSUACE became the winner of I degree in a nomination «Vocal ensemble (variety, jazz)», and the choir of SPSUACE won Grand prix contest in a nomination «Choral collectives, vocal ensembles (the academic vocal)». The most talented have been invited to perform on such prestigious concert grounds, as the Palace Square and the Arrow of Vasilevsky island.
The creative workshop «Attic of Hofnarra» (Hofnarr in German means «a court clown») started in 2006 originally as a theatrical workshop, since 2009 has become a creative workshop under this name. There are held rehearsals, trainings on scenic speech and actor’s skills. In the repertoire of the workshop there are performances: «Dragon is killed. Long live the Dragon!», «Vanity of vanities», «Dark blue grass», «Italian everyday life». The workshop also participates in the University acFor students interested in entering the surprising world of captured instants the photographic studio doors are open to study a history of photography, a base course of photography techniques, to acquaint with bases of a composition, construction of a shot and specificity of creation of a photo-image. These disciplines, master classes and creative meetings with known photographers promote the development of good taste and «panoramic sight», feelings of prospect, color, light and shade, unite adherents — admirers of «art photography». The practical training is conducted by skilled photo artists — participants of numerous exhibitions and projects.
At the university a close attention is given to attracting young people to a healthy, harmless, cultural way of life, narcotic counteraction. In interaction with the youth branch «Red cross» there are held conferences and trainings «Day of health», «Healthy life is cool!», etc. In the club there are regularly held evenings of acoustic music, non-standard humor, the comic evening «GASU Club» and evenings on interests; photo-competitions, photo-marathons, photo-exhibitions and master classes «Photojournalism»; performances of the creative workshop; student actors’ parties, dancing marathons and competitions «Miss Hostel».
All non-learning activity at the University is coordinated by the department of social and non-learning work with students.


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