Founded in 1832, Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) is celebrating its 190th anniversary in May 2022. Being the oldest Russian institution of higher technical education for architects and civil engineers, SPbGASU is now a major educational and scientific centre that provides comprehensive training in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, transport and environmental engineering, offering a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and postgraduate programmes. Carefully preserving its rich history and long-standing academic traditions, the University focuses on technological upgrading as well as updating the methods and areas of scientific research. It is one of the largest R&D and innovation centres in North-West Russia.

SPbGASU ranked No. 1 in the 2020 Subject Ranking of RAEX rating agency in the category "Construction and Architecture". The University currently holds 51st place in the top 100 Russian University Ranking (“RAEX–100”). It also ranks 57th among Russian universities in the Round University Ranking (RUR) and No. 351 in the QS EECA (Eastern Europe &Central Asia) ranking.

More than 80,000 specialists have graduated from SPbGASU throughout its history, including almost 3,000 foreign citizens from over 70 countries. Currently there are about 1,000 international students enrolled at SPbGASU. Many of the University’s alumni are engaged in major construction projects both in Russia and worldwide, or work in leading design studios and research institutions representing the best traditions of their alma mater. 

The University currently has 38 academic departments at 6 faculties:

In addition, SPBGASU’s academic structure includes the Institute of Part-Time Studies.

The University comprises the Institute for Forensic and Technical Investigation and other research institutes and centres 

All SPbGASU students benefit from the convenient location in the historic centre of Saint Petersburg and comfortable on-campus facilities including

SPbGASU is committed to maintaining and developing its international profile offering a world-class academic and research experience to students and scholars from many different countries, fostering international cooperation in various areas from student and staff exchanges and double-degree programmes to joint research and educational projects with foreign partners, organizing international conferences and seminars. 

The International Relations Division of SPbGASU helps to connect the institution with the global academic community, contributing to achieving the University’s strategic goals and enhancing its existing and new partnerships

The International Student Council was established at SPbGASU with the aim to facilitate new students’ integration into the university community. The Council’s members assist in socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students providing all kinds of support related to studies, communication, or everyday matters. The Council arranges various activities to enrich students’ life filling it with bright and memorable events. 

SPbGASU offers a number of unique, specially developed Summer Schools related to architectural design, civil engineering, environmental engineering and transport infrastructure, as well as courses of the Russian language for a broad audience of international students.  

SPbGASU is a member of 7 international associations, as well as of 20 national and regional organizations and 14 networks.

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  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
  • Faculty of automobile and road-building
    Faculty of automobile and road-building
  • Faculty of economics and management
    Faculty of economics and management
  • Faculty of architecture
    Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of civil engineering
    Faculty of civil engineering
  • Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
    Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport