The Department of Management in Construction appeared in the result of the merger of the Department of Management, which existed since 1999, and the Department of Practical Psychology, founded in 1988. Merged in 2015, the department acquired its current name in September 2018.

The training of students at the department is conducted in two areas: economics and management of the national economy and labor psychology, engineering psychology, and ergonomics. Correspondingly, the Department has two divisions.

Division of Management

The Department of Management was established on the basis of the Department of Construction Economics and the Department of Computer Aided Design and Management. Since 2004, the Department was headed by Dr. of Economics, Prof. A. A. Petrov, who is also the head of the Department of Construction Management.

All teachers of the department are highly qualified. Among them there are 6 Doctors and 12 Candidates of Science. N. V. Varlamov, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Russian and St. Petersburg Engineering Academies was one of the founders of the department. Presently, Professor Varlamov is a consultant and mentor. Among the professors of the department, there also is Dr. of Economics V. A. Zarenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Etalon Group of Companies and winner of many honorary titles and awards.

Since 2010, the department publishes under general editorship of Dr. of Economics, Prof. A. A. Petrov an annual collection of scientific articles entitled “Theory and Practice of Management in Construction”. More than 40 textbooks, manuals and teaching materials have been published.

Division of Practical Psychology

The Department of Practical Psychology was established during Russia’s transition to a market economy, when psychological knowledge turned out to be on high demand.

The initiative for the creation of the department belonged to the Doctor of Psychological Sciences M.K. Tutushkina and Ph.D. in Technical Sciences S. A. Volkov, associate professor of LISI. The rectors of five St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) universities: LISI, LKI, LIAP, LETI and VoEnMeh supported the idea of including psychological training in the complex of disciplines studied, and based at LISI, the inter-university Department of Practical Psychology and Engineering Creativity was established.

From 1988 to 2004, the department was headed by M.K. Tutushkina. Under her leadership, an effective professional team was formed at the department. The staff of the department wrote books and tutorials on practical psychology, which laid foundation for the inclusion of psychology in the state educational standards for technical schools of higher education. Many of the founders of the department defended doctoral dissertations and continued their work at the departments of SPbGASU or at other universities.

In 1993, the department ceased to be an inter-university one and got the name of the Department of Practical Psychology. The teachers of the department conducted classes with students from all faculties of SPbGASU. In 1994, a postgraduate study was opened in the specialty 19.00.03 “Labor psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics”. During the period of its existence, 12 candidates of psychological sciences were trained at the department; half of those continue to work at it.

The department has developed and implemented a program of continuous psychological training of students and postgraduate students. The main tasks of such training are to increase the psychological culture, format professional and psychological competence.

Within the frame of the system of teaching elective disciplines, the Department of Practical Psychology has developed and introduced into practice of teaching a number of authorial programs: ethics and psychology of business communication, psychology of creativity, psychology of entrepreneurship and fundamentals of economic psychology, environmental psychology, transport and safety psychology.

The department is one of the organizers and a collective member of the Baltic Pedagogical Academy and serves as the base for the department of practical psychology and social technologies of this Academy.


  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
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    Faculty of automobile and road-building
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    Faculty of economics and management
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