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Specialized training of civil engineers in construction of roads and transport infrastructure started at our university in 1947, when the Faculty of Automobile and Road Building was founded. Our department was established at the same time, although engineers for roads and bridges construction had been trained since the very establishment of our educational institution. Our Department has rich traditions and highly professional teaching staff (70% have academic degrees and titles). Our graduates are engaged in major road construction projects, both in our country and abroad. In 2001, SPbGASU won the tender from the Ministry of Transport for the scientific support of the construction of the St. Petersburg Ring Road and our teachers were actively engaged in that. Back in 2003, our Department was recognized as one of the best in Russia by the quality of engineering training in the road and transport complex of Russia.

At present, we train specialists of all levels: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Specialists, PhD and Doctoral degree students. The Department has both on-campus and off-campus forms of training; also, we have quite a noticeable amount of international students. Each year, from 80 to 100 engineers graduate from the Department; they are fully equipped to start their practical careers, master innovative technologies, and meet the challenges of construction of the present-day transport infrastructure. Our graduates are employed by the leading enterprises of the road construction and transportation industry; they are engaged in the research, teaching, and commercial activities; take part in large-scale projects, such as construction of highways, aerodromes, bridges and tunnels, transport junctions, and other vital structures. Our students do practical training in construction of transport communications not only in St. Petersburg but all over the Northwest region of Russia. Our teachers, together with graduate and postgraduate students, investigated more than 1000 bridges and pipes and 200 segments of highways; the results of their work contributed a lot to the road maintenance in the Northwest District of Russia.

Diploma projects at our Department are performed following requests from actual enterprises and on practical topics. The Department maintains close connections with tens of design and construction companies including such framework enterprises as ZAO VAD, the Stroyproekt Engineering Group, OAO Transmost, and many others. Our students do their pre-degree internships and on-the-job placements at more than 20 design and construction organizations of our city and various St. Petersburg municipal organizations; this allows them to accumulate essential practical experience. Our teachers take part in solving problems connected with the design, reconstruction, and assessment of the technical status of transportation structures and civil and industrial objects. Such cooperation helps them to make science-based input into solving complex engineering tasks and use practical construction experience in their teaching practices. Graduate and postgraduate students also take part in this sort of work.

I wish all our students successful mastering of the profession and broad opportunities for their careers!

Associate Professor
Maria P. Klekovkina
Head of Department of Roads, Bridges and Tunnels



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