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Analytical laboratory

The analytical laboratory has the equipment allowing to conduct material analysis on micro and submicro levels.

Powdered diffractometer D2 PHASER


Performance and features:

  • qualitative, quantitative phase analyses of mineral raw materials, artificial immovable materials, solutions and concrete;
  • a stationary integral cooling system, a stationary computer (which helps to process data without departing from a diffractometer), connection the area network (remote access);
  • minimum meanings of X-radiation near to the apparatus, i.e. its full safety and lack of necessity to put this unit on a special radiation survey
  • a powerful package of software TOPAS which is appreciated by authoritative organizations.

Scanning electronic microscope Tescan VEGA 3 SBH


The scanning electronic microscope controled via personal computer, with a power dispersing attachment for element microanalysis and vacuum processing of samples. Perfect optical properties, not flickering numeral image of excellent quality at high speed scanning. A high-grade analytic system.


Technical data:

Permission: 3 nanometers at 30 кV

   8 nanometers at 3 kV

Magnification: from 4.5 to 1, 000,000

Electronic gun: the tungsten heated cathode with thermal electron emission

Working meaning of vacuum in the chamber: less than 9 х 10-3 Pascal

Image size: from 512 х 512 to 8192 х 8192 pixels

Image format: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, PPM.

Complex of the equipment for investigation of submicro-systems Maivern Zetasizer Nanо ZSP


The laser analyzer of performances of sub-micro and nano-range corpuscles  for definition of sizes of corpuscles,  zeta-potential and the molecular mass of corpuscles, macromolecules and molecular compounds in liquid medium.

Area of application:  colloid systems, including cement suspensions and others, nano-particles of metals, manufacture of chemical substances, components for concrete and solutions, pigments and coloring agents, ceramics, ecology

Technical data

Size of corpuscles of 0,03 nanometers - 10,0 microns

Span of concentrations of  0,1 mg/ml (lysozyme) - 40 %  weight parts

Minimum size of the sample - 0,15 m

Automated measurer of porosity Porosimeter 3.2


Unique automated standard porosimeter for study of structure of porous material samples (including nano materials) without fracture of the sample and use of mercury and gases. It allows to define integral and differential allocation of volume of pores as functions of their radius in the range from 0,3 nanometers to 3 mm, and also medial radius of pores, their specific volume, various structural properties of multi-component of hydrophilic-hydrophobic bodies, an isothermal of adsorption and other parameters of an examined surface.

Optical binocular microscope Leiz


The microscope is equipped with the electronic measuring block and has a possibility for photo fixing. It allows to conduct  examinations of structure of building materials at magnification from 32 to 1200 times.

Ultrasonic installation IL100-6


It is for laboratory examinations of ultrasound affecting liquid medium in cavitating and to cavitating regimes. This device allows to treat fluid-flow medium, including suspensions and colloid solutions.

Spectrophotometer PE-6100UF


It is for execution of all photometer procedures of quantitative analysis. It can be used: for monitoring of composition of water, soil, air in ecological and sanitary-and-hygienic examinations, and also at the analysis of raw materials, a finished product, metals and alloys, chemical products etc.


Laboratory of concrete technology

The laboratory allows to make comprehensive tests on conformity to existing norms: concrete and ferro-concrete constructions, steel framework, concrete and mortar mix of various kinds, trial of binders, trial of sealers (large and small), trials of additives for concrete mixtures.

Complex of the labware for preparation and trial of concrete mixtures of various kinds

Forced blade-like mixer for concrete with volume of 10L, power 380В/0,55 kW, without a heating, mass no more than 60 kg

Concrete forced mixer with volume of 80 l power 380V, with overall dimensions no more - 710×1500 mm, with an abrasion resistance barrel, a protective cover, adjustable blades, with a hole in the bottom plate for a debarking, two wheels, mass no more 130kg


Device for determination of entrained air  in  concrete intermixture, container 8 l (GOST 10181);at range of measurement 0 … 10 % - accuracy - 0,1 %, at  8 … 15 % - accuracy-0,5 of %, mass no more 12кг, with the hand-operated pump.

Complete set for measuring of mobility of concrete КА, consisting of a cone, tamping rod, footing, scoop - 3 pieces

Penetrometer for concrete mixtures 2 pieces with a measuring range from 0 to 50 kg/sm2, diameter of a plunger 6,35 mm, with direct reading of effects, mass no more than 0,4 kg

Consistometer  Webe (EN 12350-3) with the platform vibrator power 230V, 50Hz, 250W, mass no more 90kg, sizes no more 260×380×800 mm


V-funnel for definition of flow of self-consolidating concrete (EN 11042) sizes no more 640×340×1050 mm, mass no more 40kg, with a nozzle for a V-funnel.

L-box for definition of flow of self-consolidating concrete (EN 12350-10) sizes no more 712×280×682 mm.

Apparatus for definition of a compacting factor of concrete mixtures by sizes no more 500×400×1510 mm, mass no more 55kg.

Equipment for manufacturing and storage of standard samples of concrete

Steaming cabinet  of stainless steel for thermal machining of samples of the cement, the accelerated definition of strength, with automatic uprise of a cover.

Cabinet of the accelerated hardening of concrete samples power 230V, 50Hz, 4500W, mass no more 130kg, overall dimensions - no more 970×720×900 mm, interior sizes not less 910×660×680 mm, temperature to 1000С, with the portable panel with the temperature control, the timer.

Climatic cabinet with power 230V, 50Hz, volume interior not less 700L, temperature from - 25 to + 700С with accuracy of temperature control ± 0,1 0С, humidity from 10до 90 %, with accuracy of humidity control ± 1 %.

Cabinet  for storage of samples of concrete and cement ( standards: EN 196/1- ASTM C87, C109, C190, C191 - UNE 80102, GOST 10180, GOST 30744) power 230V, 50Hz, 2000W, overall dimensions not less 1350×570×1600 with the compressor of 290 l/mines, 8 atm., a receiver 100L and a complete set for compressor connection to the cabinet for storage of samples

Vibrating table with pedal turning on by power 230 V, 50 Hz, 3000 per min, an effective area not less 300×400 mm

Equipment for concrete samples study 

Press 500/15 кN for a compression and flexure test with power 230V, 50Hz, 750W, mass no more 340kg, 1 class, a clearance not less than 185 m, is equipped with a built- in printer to a press. The press should have 40×40×160mm bar bending apparatus, devices for a compression test of halves of 40×40×160mm bars, devices for a compression test of cubes 70×70×70mm (standard BS 4550)


Pilot  double-range  press 1500/250кN  with electronic  dynamometer  with  the  press plates in diameter of 215 mm power 230V, 50Hz, 750W, the accuracy of 1 class, overall dimensions no more 630×350×1260 mm, with a clearance of 336 mm and the universal complete set of distant plates (254mm = 30 + 40 + 50 + 60 + 70 mm).

Press 3000 кN  of «high stability» with electronic dynamometer power 230V, 50Hz, 750W, mass no more 2500kg, overall dimensions no more 725×710×1570 mm, with a clearance of 411 mm, a piston-100mm course, accuracy rating - 1. It is equipped with distant plates of 50 mm (4 pieces) and 25 mm (5 pieces) and bar bending apparatuses of 100×100×400mm.


Universal  machine for  extension/squeezing tests  500/1500кN with electronic dynamometer  with power 230V, 50Hz, 750W, overall  dimensions no more 780×420×1700 mm, mass no more 900kg, a loading extension - to 500кN,  squeezing - to 1500кN, piston distance 300 … 400mm, a piston stroke-100 mm, accuracy - 1 %. It is equipped with a complete set of grips  to a tension  testing machine for steel framework 6 … 15 mm, strips in the thickness 6 … 15 mm (4 pieces); a complete set of grips  to the tension testing machine for steel framework  15 … 25мм (4 pieces), a complete set of the press and distant plates to the tension testing machine, protective shield to the tension testing machine, the strainmeter for round samples D=10 … 19mm, D=18 … 27mm, D=26 … 36mm, for flat samples in the thickness to 10mm, breadth to 25mm.


Press 300кN, for compression and flexure tests, hand-operated with one pointer dynamometer  with a clearance of 185 mm, the accuracy-1 class, scale interval 2,5 кN, mass no more 330kg.

Laboratory abrasive disc on Beme (EN 1338:04; 1339; 1340; 13892-3; 14157 / DIN 52108, GOST 13087) power 230V, 50Hz, 800W, sizes no more 1500×1000×850 mm, mass no more than 250 kg, 30 rpm, with the portable panel with the numeral counter and a programmed stopping. It is equipped with a measurer of samples for an abrasive disc.


Automatic set for definition of water permeability of concrete with power 230V, 50Hz, mass no more 240kg, sizes no more 2500×500×1300 mm, for samples-cubes to 150mm, cylinders to 160mm, 4 - chamber, automatic, 0-30 bar. It is equipped with thickening gadgets for cubes of 100 mm (4 pieces), for cubes of 150 mm (4 pieces), for cylinders of 150 mm (4 pieces).


Dewatering cabinet,  volume of the cabinet not less than 240 l, overall dimensions no more 1034×822×745 mm, temperature from +2 to +300 0С, the numeral temperature control, a programmator, the ventilating fan, the timer: 0 … 100 h, seven shelves, two doors.

Device for hydraulic weighting of samples by sizes 510×510×1150 mm, mass no more 50kg, a bracket for concrete cubes and a basket from stainless steel grid of 0,074 mm.

Equipment for aggregate concrete testing

Cabinet dewatering with temperature to + 3500С with accuracy of regulating ±100С, a size of the cabinet not less 390×360×395 mm,  a ventilating fan, an electronic controller, two shelves.

Vibroshaker for bolters in diameter to 315mm (3 pieces) with crimped locks quick-detachable to the device of fastening of bolters to vibration motor with  rods (3 sets)

Complete set of bolters for aggregates in diameter of 200 mm with meshes 0,16; 0,315; 0,63; 1,25; 2,5; 5,0; 7,5; 10,0; 12,5; 15,0; 17,5; 20,0; 22,5; 30,0; 40,0 mm with a grid, a shell, the perforated linen from stainless steel, with a cover and a drain pallet.

Equipment for cementing materials testing

Vulcanizer for definition of a volume stability of portland cement by power 230V, 50Hz, 3500W, sizes not less 450×475×1080 mm, mass no more than 75 kg


Vibrating table for manufacturing cement bars (EN 196/1, BS 3892, GOST 30744) with power 230V, 50Hz, 500W, sizes no more 1000×380×420 mm, mass no more 65kg, 60 rpm, with a portable panel, a counter. It is equipped with 3-block form for manufacturing of samples bars 40×40×160mm and a nozzle for filling bars, installed on the jolting table. All parts are ground.

Shaking little table hand-operated (EN 1015-3) 2 pieces. Diameter  254mm,slope height - 12,7mm.

Set of screens for cement and a mineral powder in diameter of 200 mm with meshes 0,071; 0,08; 0,16; 0,315; 0,63; 0,9; 1,25 mm with a grid from yellow metal, a shell from stainless steel, with a cover and the drain pallet.

Device for measuring of contraction cement bars with pointer IC (6 pieces) with a stroke - 5mm, scale interval - 0,001mm, with a standard bar sample 160mm (6 pieces), a material - Invar.

Portable laboratory of cement mortals for rheological test

Calorimeter for definition of the hydration of cement (EN 196-8) with  power 230V, 50Hz, 150W, mass no more 12kg, with a Dewar bottle in the isolating case, the electrical shearing device and a glass loading hood. It is equipped with a digital thermometer with the permission 0,0010С and a propeller mixer (EN 196-8). A   spare vacuum bottle for a calorimeter.

Ring of Le Shatele (EN 196/3) 12 pieces with water bath Le Shatele, power 230V, 50/60Hz, 1800W, sizes 405×265×205 mm, heat rate - 30 min.

Device for aerial permeability of Blejn, sizes no more 220×180×470 mm, mass no more 12kg. Reference cement for gauging of Blejn apparatus.

Vick's Device (EN196-3) 4 pieces sizes 160×200×300, mass no more 5kg, a needle in diameter 1,13mm under the shank, a plastic ring in diameter 70/80mm, height 40 mm and a plastic ring in diameter 65/75mm, height 40 mm.


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