SPbGASU Fundamental Library wants to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all library visitors. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Access and membership

  • SPbGASU teaching, research and administrative staff, including part-timers, students of all modes of study enjoy unrestricted access to the library within its working hours.

  • External visitors may use the library on a fee paid or contract basis.

  • Anyone using the Library must be registered as a user. Please present your SPbGASU ID Card and your passport to a librarian at your first visit and they will register you as a permanent visitor and issue you a Library Card.

  • Users will be required to produce their Library card when entering the Library, when borrowing books, and at the request of Library staff.

  • Library cards, including day tickets, may be used only by the person to whom they have been issued and whose name appears on the card.


  • All users are required to behave considerately and to respect the study needs of others.

  • Users must maintain good order and observe the rules applying to each area in the Library.

  • Mobile devices may be used only in silent mode except in designated zones.

  • Smoking, eating and drinking (except bottled water) are not allowed in the Library. 

  • Use the university cloakrooms to leave your coats, umbrellas etc. before entering the Library.

  • Users must not mark, deface or damage Library books, their Library card or the fabric, furniture and fittings in the Library building.

  • All users must leave the Library by closing time and immediately when the alarm sounds or when requested to do so by Library staff.

  • Borrowers are responsible for all items issued to their Library card. This responsibility ends only when the item has been recorded as returned on the Library system.

  • Users will be liable for any loss of or damage to books or other items while in their charge.

  • Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to a member of Library staff.

  • All users leaving the Library must show all books in their possession if requested to do so whether these belong to the University or not. Users may also be required to open for inspection any bags or other holders carried out of the Library.

Please be aware that

  • No book shall be taken out of the Library until the loan has been recorded on the Library system.

  • Removing any library materials or equipment without authorization is strictly prohibited. The library staff reserves the right to cancel the Library card of the violator for a period of time.

  • Photography and filming in the Library are not allowed.

  • Books not on open access may be consulted on application; any item made available for consultation within the Library must be returned as directed before the staffed services close.

  • Writing in/on SPbGASU Library books, periodicals or furniture; vandalism or defacing any library materials, furniture or equipment are strictly prohibited.

  • The reservation of places is not allowed. Library staff may remove books and other articles which have been left for more than 30 minutes.

  • Patrons are not allowed to take cards from catalogues and card-indexes.


  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
  • Faculty of automobile and road-building
    Faculty of automobile and road-building
  • Faculty of economics and management
    Faculty of economics and management
  • Faculty of architecture
    Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of civil engineering
    Faculty of civil engineering
  • Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
    Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
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