Licensed Electronic Library Systems

Electronic library system of the Lan’ Publishing House is the largest polythematic database, which includes the content of hundreds of publishers of scientific and educational literature and scientific periodicals. Our organization has been granted access to books on physics, theoretical mechanics, engineering, and law. Free access to more than 500 scientific journals is also provided. You can work with the resource after prior registration from the organization’s network, as well as remotely by pre-registering your personal account while inside the organization’s network. You can register your account remotely by requesting an invitation code in the library. For the convenience of users, a mobile application (iOS and Android) has been developed. The mobile application allows you to work with documents offline for the entire duration of the organization’s subscription.

Electronic library system of the URIGHT publishing house offers study books in law, economics, and other disciplines. Registered once from a university computer, you can keep using the database remotely.

Electronic library system of the IPRbooks Publishing House is a modern resource for quality education, providing access to 40,000 licensed educational and scientific publications in various fields of study, 700 titles of Russian and foreign journals, more than 2,000 audio publications, with which you can use to prepare for seminars, tests and exams, do the necessary work on projects, etc. You can use your mobile devices for accessing IPRbooks electronic facilities (download the IPRbooks Mobile Reader application on the App Store or Play Market).

Electronic library system of the Student Consultant Publishing House, a multidisciplinary educational resource ( is an electronic library system (ELS) that provides Internet access to educational literature and additional materials acquired on the basis of direct agreements with copyright holders. It fully complies with the requirements of the 3rd generation federal state educational standards (GEF VPO 3+) libraries’ acquisitions including electronic ones, in the part of formating funds of basic and supplementary literature, for SVE (secondary vocational education), HPE (higher professional education) and postgraduate studies

Scientific Electronic Library contains abstracts and full texts of more than 19 million scientific articles and publications, including electronic versions of more than 3,900 Russian scientific and technical journals, of which more than 2,800 are in the public domain.

The Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY) provides access to:

  • Bulletin of Civil Engineers in full text format.

To view the Bulletin of Civil Engineers articles, do the following: 

  • Log in to eLIBRARY (if already registered; if not, then register and log in);
  • In the Navigator window, click on the Catalog Log tab;
  • In the new window, type in Bulletin of Civil Engineers in the Title box and click;
  • Go to the list of topics of the journal; you will see a list of articles with texts in PDF format. 

Open Access Scientific Journals in all areas of knowledge

The list of full-text open access magazines is located on the platform in the section of Main Projects / Open Access Journals.


Annual Subscription Magazines

eLibrary subscription

  • Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU is the platform for the RSCI.


National Electronic Library (NEL)

Currently, the NEL contains collections of digitized documents from the repositories of six federal libraries of Russia: Russian State Library, Russian National Library, Russian Stat Public Research and Engineering Library, State Public Historical Library of Russia, Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Russian State Children Library of Russia, as well as 27 regional libraries. The NEL Fund is constantly updated. Free access is provided not to all collections. electronic library system provides media overview with 53 industries / 600 sources / 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews of 17,000 top officials in the rubricator. Thousands news with full text in Russian are available daily along with millions of stories of news agencies and the business press for the last 15 years. is accessible from all library computers and the internal network. The "Access from home" button is in the top menu. The following resources are available at

Real estate, construction in the Russian Federation and abroad 

  • Business Russia (NWFD)
  • Business Russia (CFD)

PROQUEST electronic library system

The Materials Science & Engineering Database is a multi-disciplinary resource combining about 2,000 full-text scientific journals with a powerful abstract-based bibliographic apparatus. The resource contains all kinds of noteworthy sources of information in the field of materials science and engineering research.

The availability of content since 1962 allows researchers to track everything that has been published in the world in the field of materials science and engineering.

Key topics in materials science: types and properties of materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials, etc.) used in construction, transport and transportation facilities; environmental technologies, etc.; innovative materials and processes.

Key topics in engineering: architecture, design, civil engineering, transportation facilities, bridges, tunnels, construction and operation of roads, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, mathematics, construction of structures in seismological zones, reconstruction, transport, ecology, economics, management and law in construction, innovative building technology, technosphere safety and much more.

Information resources: scientific journals, books, monographs, industry literature, dissertations, patents, reports of laboratories and various scientific organizations, conference materials, video and audio materials. Totally 24 sources of information.



  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
  • Faculty of automobile and road-building
    Faculty of automobile and road-building
  • Faculty of economics and management
    Faculty of economics and management
  • Faculty of architecture
    Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of civil engineering
    Faculty of civil engineering
  • Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
    Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
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