Wang Dongliang, Master's graduate

Ван Дунлян

Wang Dongliang

I decided to enter SPbGASU after I met our teachers who came to give lectures at Henan University, where I studied for a bachelor's degree. After successfully graduating from the master's program in Water Supply and Sanitation, I completed an internship at KitaiStroy LLC, a large construction company, and acted as an interpreter at international industry events. 

The fateful meeting with the SPbGASU teachers 

In the spring of 2016, associate professor at the department of architectural and engineering constructions Aleksandr Nikolaevich Panin and associate professor at the department of descriptive geometry and engineering graphics Svetlana Semyonovna Shuvalova arrived at Henan University with a four-day course of lectures. They talked about St Petersburg and SPbGASU. The lectures were informative and at the same time full of positive emotions and warmth. I like this style of teaching. After meeting them, I searched for information on the Internet and saw that the reviews about the university were only positive, and its academic level was very high. That's how I ended up here. 

First impression 

The magnificent architecture, no doubt, impressed me. And, of course, the famous tree at the entrance to the main building is my favorite. 

People from the university who played an important role in life 

For me it is a great honor to be acquainted with Aleksandr Nikolayevich Panin, Svetlana Semyonovna Shuvalova, Yury Vyacheslavovich Stolbikhin, associate professor at the department of water use and environment, and Svyatoslav Viktorovich Fedorov, head of this department. They were not only my teachers, but also my guides in life.

The brightest memory during the years of study 

In 2017, Yury Vyacheslavovich and Svyatoslav Viktorovich visited the Henan Urban Planning University. They told us about fluid mechanics, technical fluid dynamics, and water quality prediction methods, and toured the wastewater treatment equipment of Qingyuan, a water treatment research company in Pingdingshan City.

The lecturers exchanged views with the company's employees and discussed the difference in the approaches of Russia and China to water purification. I found that this difference is significant, absorbed new ideas, and it helped me determine the direction of research for my master's thesis. I dedicated it to the requirements and technologies for obtaining drinking-quality water in China. At the end of the course of lectures, Svyatoslav Viktorovich presented me with the book “Diversion and treatment of wastewater in St Petersburg”. I think this book is a treasure and has a very high academic value. 

Career after graduating 

A year ago, on the recommendation of Yury Vyacheslavovich, I went for an internship at KitayStroy LLC, where I was engaged in translations on the subject of electromechanical equipment. The company managers appreciated my work highly.

In 2022, I was also an interpreter at two seminars - on the construction of large-scale engineering facilities and the construction and reconstruction of road tunnels, bridges and avalanche galleries for the Republic of Tajikistan. They were organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China in cooperation with the Henan University of Technology. After the seminars I was awarded a letter of thanks and a certificate. Here in St Petersburg, I regularly participate in major city events as a volunteer.

Describe your university years in three words 

Knowledge, happiness, responsibility. 

What are you grateful to the university for? 

Many thanks to my teachers. By your example, knowledge, support, you helped me develop. You not only guided me in my studies, but also took care of me. I am very proud that I studied at SPbGASU, and I want the university to be proud of me as well. I will not deceive expectations, I will definitely achieve my goals and make a contribution to science. On the occasion of the 190th anniversary, I wish SPbGASU a bright future!


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