23 November 2022

SPbGASU Students Won the UNECO-2022 Competition

On 16-17 November, Moscow hosted the full-time, final stage of the XX All-Russian Youth Competition on the problems of cultural heritage, ecology and life safety UNEKO-2022. Students of the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering became the winners.

1. Слева направо Ратмир Биккин, Данила Марков, Александр Глуханов, Микаил Насиров — копия

From left to right: Ratmir Bikkin, Danila Markov, Aleksandr Glukhanov, Mikail Nasirov

✔  The UNECO competition is held for senior schoolchildren and students aged 14 to 25 who are engaged in scientific or research activities. The National System "Integration" invites participants to create a project with their ideas, developments or research and submit it for evaluation before an expert jury. The competition consists of two stages: the All-Russian correspondence competition and the All-Russian internal competition (youth forum). The purpose of the competition is to draw the attention of young people to the problem of environmental safety as an essential component of national security, to the issues of well-being and health of citizens.

SPbGASU was represented by two teams. The first team included third-year students of the Technosphere safety program Mikail Nasirov and Danila Markov. Ratmir Bikkin, a fourth-year student of the Technosphere Safety program, became a member of the second team. The teams competed under the guidance of the supervisor, associate professor at the department of technosphere safety Aleksandr Glukhanov.

The students made presentations and defended research papers on life safety before the jury. Mikail Nasirov, Danila Markov and Ratmir Bikkin received diplomas of winners, as well as medals "For the best scientific student work". The scientific adviser Aleksandr Glukhanov was awarded a diploma for the preparation of winners and the golden badge of distinction of UNEKO “For Victory”.

“Our research work was a great opportunity to talk about the development of professional competencies in the field of labour protection using VR technologies. We presented to the jury and participants of the competition a computer training program in the field of labour protection. The program is designed to train various categories of the target audience using a virtual environment and augmented reality based on the formation of a safe behavioral model for employees,” said Mikayil Nasirov.

“My research work is devoted to the protection of a cultural heritage site from fires in the view of an acceptable risk paradigm. With the help of software, I took as a basis the process of modeling the development of a fire and the evacuation of people from the cultural heritage site "Kirch", adapted for modern use. The competition left positive impressions. I advise all students to participate in such events, as this will allow them to prove themselves, to realize their scientific potential,” said Ratmir Bikkin.

“Participation in such competitions is very motivating and inspiring for students. They see that their hard work is not just happening - there are positive reviews, there are awards at all-Russian competitions. Participation in such events is, of course, very useful, especially in the direction of the future activities of students. Firstly, this is the experience of public speaking and defending one's work, and secondly, immersion in the scientific atmosphere and broadening one's horizons in the chosen specialty,” said Aleksandr Glukhanov.

Text: Igor Glebov
Photo: Aleksandr Glukhanov

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