13 November 2019

Ranked sixth in the ranking of Russian universities most popular among foreign students

The official website for selecting foreign citizens to study in Russia russia.study has published the top 15 universities popular among foreigners (in Russian). Our university took an honorable sixth place, losing only to SPbSU, RUDN, KFU, HSE and UrFU.

Иностранные студенты в петербургском ГАСУ

National Unity Day 2019 at SPbGASU

✔ The russia.study platform is designed to facilitate the entry of foreign nationals to Russian universities. Foreign applicants are requested to do just a few steps: register, fill out an application, attach copies of documents, go through competitive selection in their country, select up to six universities and wait for approval, and then get a visa and fly to Russia. The site offers a broad selection: more than 500 universities in 80 cities of Russia. A search on the site allows applicants to find the best option for them.

Applicants can use the russia.study website for enrollment on both state-supported and contract basis. The platform also offers options for the preparatory faculties and Russian language courses.

Each year, the Russian government sponsors 15 thousand places for training of foreign students. The selection is organized by Rossotrudnichestvo representative offices and Russian Embassies.

Students from all over the world study at our university. Every year, SPbGASU opens its doors to foreign applicants. Reviews show that foreign students are happy with their training.

Foreign students’ opinions on studying at SPbGASU

We asked students from other countries to share their experiences.

Ndbele Everton, Zimbabwe, a 2nd-year student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering:

“Before coming here to study, I searched the Internet for a long time and read about education in Russia. I chose St. Petersburg because I like architecture. But first I studied Russian for a year, and only then I enrolled at SPbGASU, upon advice of my friend from Morocco, who told me that there was such a university. I realized that if I wanted to study in civil engineering, then this would be the best option. I enjoy everything at the university - the atmosphere is exceptionally friendly.”

Dano Angela Yann Rodrigue, Côte d'Ivoire, a 3rd-year student at the faculty of civil engineering:

“I always dreamed of getting higher education abroad. My parents wanted me to go to St. Petersburg: my father’s friends studied here and talked a lot about the city. I purposefully entered SPbGASU, but first went to the Russian language courses. The language is still tough for me, but I like studying at the university, like my teachers and classmates. Of course, I’m thinking about my future career: after graduation, I’m going to return to Côte d'Ivoire to work. I’ve already found a construction company in which I’ll take my practical training, and then accepted to the staff. However, to do this, I must also receive a master's degree: in our country an engineering education is considered incomplete without it.

Nadif Ashraf, Morocco, is a first-year student of the faculty of civil engineering:

“My uncle, a graduate of SPbGASU, has worked for forty years in the construction industry in Libya, Morocco and Russia. He knew from his own experience that this is a high-quality education and that the diplomas of this university rank in the industry. Therefore, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Ukraine and decided to go here, to Russia. Learning is a little difficult because of the language but I’m very interested in the history and culture of your country, and in order to learn more about them, I want to better comprehend the Russian language. I like it at the university: we have good guys in the group, everyone helps each other, teachers are attentive; we have a nice and spacious dining room, and a friendly atmosphere.”

Abdellatif Bugarba, Morocco, a first-year student at the Faculty of Economics and Finance:

“The fact that one can study at SPbGASU to be a manager was told to me by a friend, who had graduated from the university a while ago and works both in Russia and in Morocco. I chose an economic specialty because I love mathematics. By the way, this is in my family: my elder brother is studying to be an engineer, though not here but in France.”

Le Van Chong, Vietnam is a graduate student at the SPbGASU Department of Geotechnics:

“My elder brother, a graduate student at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, advised me to enter this university, saying that in Russian universities they provide for quality education. I got acquainted with the information about SPbGASU on the Internet and concluded that the university was very experienced: it has been training specialists for a long time. Of course, I never regretted entering here. Unlike universities in Vietnam, we are questioned orally at the exams, I like it. We better learn the material when we pronounce it.”

Recently, Mikhail Kotyukov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, noted that our country plans in the coming years to "nearly double the number of foreign students." To do this, new Olympiads are being created, state resource centers are mushrooming. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation also plans to develop university infrastructures and create multifunctional modern university campuses.”

Text: Anastasia Blinova

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