19 November 2019

“I do not feel like a foreigner in Russia”

Иностранный студент петербургского архитектурно-строительного

Antonia Angelova in Targovishte

Students from all over the globe study at SPbGASU. Every year, the university opens its doors to foreign applicants. Antonia Angelova, a 5th-year student of the “Architecture” training course, came to study in Russia from the Bulgarian city of Targovishte, not far from Varna, in order to master the profession of architect at SPbGASU. We talked with her and learned a lot of interesting things.

Why did you decide to become an architect?

– This is the line between art and the exact sciences. So to speak, the golden mean. My mom probably influenced me. She is an elementary school teacher, art critic and artist; I took over the love of creativity from her.

How did you know about the selection of applicants for studying at Russian universities? Why did you decide to try yourself in this contest?

– I learned about the selection for free training conducted by Rossotrudnichestvo still at high school. Then, there was no study.russia site that simplifies the entry of foreigners to Russian universities. For the competition it was necessary to collect a portfolio with artistic and technical drawings, diplomas of competitions, recommendations. To be honest, I didn’t really count on this competition, because only one person could be chosen in my training field. To be on the safe side, I also applied to the Bulgarian University. I was pleasantly surprised that I won a place in a Russian university and I decided to go there, since I was chosen.

Why did you choose specifically SPbGASU?

– Firstly, because it is located in St. Petersburg, and this is my favorite city. Secondly, this university is very experienced in training architects.

I’ll definitely advise foreigners to SPbGASU, because this is real knowledge, and not just “a piece of paper”. The teachers here are great.

Do you like studying here?

– Absolutely! Most of all I like the Architectural Design, this is our main subject. I also love such disciplines as “Sculpture” and “Drawing”. We have wonderful teachers; I don’t feel like a foreigner in Russia. Nobody is embarrassed with my accent and grammar errors. They always are flexible with me, take care and help. I remember one funny story. In my first day of training, I failed my first assignment. I interpreted the requirements incorrectly. One should not be using the black color, and I did everything in black! I violated all the requirements! I was very upset and in tears, and now it’s funny for me to remember. How could this happen to me?

Иностранные студенты в петербургском архитектурно-строительном

Antonia Angelova is on the board of international students

– What are you working on now?

– Now I am writing a FQW, within the framework of which it is necessary to design a residential block and to develop a multifunctional complex in it.

– What professional contests did you take part in?

– Last year, there was a competition for the design of a fragment of the architectural and landscape environment of the village of Komarovo. The organizers have chosen 8 best works, including mine. I was engaged in a project to improve the area in the Academic Village: I proposed a new road surface, benches, and lawns. And l also participated in a watercolor contest.

What are your plans after graduation?

– I might stay in Russia and work as an architect in some construction company. I do not want to leave, I really like St. Petersburg.

 What turned out to be the most difficult for you in the Russian language?

– Cases. I still can’t master them; in Bulgaria, there are no cases. There also is some confusion due to the similarity of the words. The word “stol” (table) in Bulgarian means “chair”. I'm still confused. It is likely that if you ask me to look at the table, I will look at a chair. Also, for example, the word “maika” (T-shirt) in Bulgarian means “mother”.

What would you advise to foreigners who are just considering studying in Russia?

– It’s worth to take a risk and start studying here. In Russia, especially at SPbGASU, there is a great opportunity to prove oneself, learn the Russian language, make new acquaintances. It's worth the effort!

✔ Russian higher education is one of the most attractive in the world for foreigners. The Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov stated that at one of the events at the UNESCO General Conference in Paris. He noted that every year about 15 thousand students from other countries come to study at Russian universities within the government quota. Also, Mikhail Kotyukov noted that the goal of the Ministry for the next 5 years is to double this amount.

➠ SPbGASU enjoys particular popularity among foreigners. Recently, the official website for the selection of foreign citizens to study in Russia russia.study published the top 15 popular universities among foreigners. Our university took the sixth place, conceding only to St. Petersburg State University, RUDN, KFU, HSE and UrFU. Read more in the news of 13.11.2019.

Text: Anastasia Blinova

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