08 July 2020

Graduates of the Department of the Architectural Design develop solutions for comfortable urban spaces

Graduates of the Department of Architectural Design are true professionals in modern urban studies. Already in their final qualification works, they develop projects that can be very well implemented.

Marina Suvorova’s FQW: a perspective view of the design object

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Master’s degree student Marina Suvorova in her FQW addressed the problem of the “gray belt” of St. Petersburg: 40% of the city territory is occupied by industrial facilities, most of which are half-abandoned as a consequence of the industrial recession of the 1990s. About a third of these territories is adjacent to the historical center of the Northern Capital and form the so-called “depressive zone”.

“The world practice knows many worthy examples of the transformation of such territories, and I was engaged in their study,” says Marina. The subject of her work was the architectural and design solutions of a public center on the territory of the former St. Petersburg Pipe Plant (in Soviet times, Kalinin Plant) on the island of Decembrists.

The source of inspiration for the graduate was the experience of the Finnish city of Tampere, the solutions for transformation of the old factory territories of which are considered flawless.

The Pipe Plant selected by Marina is a unique object of cultural heritage, made in the "brick style". This memorial of industrial architecture is distinguished by an unusual location: it is placed near the historical center and near the water area, which means that it can organically make up for the missing functions of a long-formed district of the city. The graduate offers to transform the plant’s territory by creating a multifunctional center for children and youth.

“The center will embody the principles of green architecture, provide the city with a new point of attraction and new opportunities for development from an economic, environmental and social point of view,” the graduate student said.

According to the scientific adviser of Marina Suvorova, Candidate of Architecture Pavel Loshakov, the main advantages of the project include the fact that such multifunctional centers are flexibly adapted to the changing needs of the young audience, including seasonal ones. In addition, the compliance of the project with world architectural trends, with which the undergraduate is well acquainted thanks to foreign internships and travels, is also valuable.

FQW of Yana Oshkina: the Olympia Garden; visualization

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In her Master’s degree FQW Yana Oshkina is engaged in no less interesting matters: the organization of public spaces of our city at the example of the Admiralteysky District. Her work is dedicated to creating a comfortable and safe environment for citizens and tourists, visiting in St. Petersburg is a constantly growing flow.

Yana’s work is distinct with an innovative approach to the design of urban spaces: a lot of attention is paid to the possibilities for communication between people, environmental friendliness, and the use of energy-saving technologies. It also touched upon a topic that usually does not receive adequate attention, such as the illumination of “casual” Petersburg, an important component of comfort and safety in a modern city.

The graduate student chose the design territory limited by Klinsky, Malodetskoselsky, Moskovsky Prospects and Ruzovskaya Street not by chance: this site can be considered a transitional link from the historical center to the gray belt of the Admiralteysky District. At the same time, the district is famous for its history: for two centuries, the Semenov regiment was quartered here with its barracks, the parade ground, arena, guardhouse and churches.

All these features were taken into account when creating the general concept of the selected site, as well as sites for detailed development (the Olympia Garden, Lydia Clement Square, the backyard of the Cosmonaut Club, the Guard Yard, Klinsky and Malodetskoselsky Avenues). For example, in the Olympia garden, on the site of the building of the M-Video store, which is quite dissonant with the surrounding buildings, Yana proposes to create a transformable multifunctional square.

“At the example of improvement of a specific prevailing area, the design solutions I propose are more visual; in addition, they can be used in other similar areas of the city,” the graduate explains.

The emphasis in the project is on the maximum unloading of the site from cars and freeing up space for pedestrians and green spaces: to do this, the graduate proposes to create a multi-level mechanized rotary parking.

Energy efficiency solutions are also interesting: the installation of energy-generating sports simulators, equipment that generates electricity from the steps of passers-by, and under paving slabs and small architectural forms equipped with solar panels.

At the same time, a balance is maintained between the existing historical buildings and modern solutions and technologies.

Supervisor of Yana Oshkina Andrey Surovenkov, acting Head of the Department of Architectural Design, Candidate of Architecture, pointed out, “The design solutions proposed in this FQW are suitable for use in the further development of urban communication spaces”.

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