22 July 2020

On July 22, the results of the BIM on Ice Case Championship were summed up

The case championship on information modeling BIM on Ice, organized jointly by the Department of Education Quality Assessment of SPbGASU and Metropolis LLC is completed. 

The main specialization of the Metropolis Company is the design of structural and engineering divisions, as well as general design in partnership with the best Russian and international companies in the civil engineering segment. The complexity and uniqueness of the designed objects stipulated the use of the latest technologies and advanced design methods, such as building information modeling with the use of Autodesk Revit software packages. In 2020, the company was recognized as the BIM Leader of the Year in Russia.

Материалы BIM чемпионата

The purpose of the championship was to introduce the technologies of interdisciplinary, practice-oriented project-based training and direct interaction with a university’s partner company into the training process.

The championship was a team competition for the design of the Ice Sports Palace with the use of BIM technologies. The Test Project was prepared by Metropolis.

The championship was attended by 45 senior and Master’s degree students of SPbGASU; they were united in 5 teams:

  • Smart choice
  • ECO Engineering
  • GASU development and systems (GDS)
  • 5FIVE
  • Kamadevis

The teams were formed as real project teams. Each of them comprised architects, designers, water supply, heating and ventilation engineers, as well as a BIM coordinator, who simultaneously served as the chief project engineer and team captain.

The championship was held in three stages:

  1. The qualifying stage: development of the architectural concept of the project
  2. The main stage: development of project sections in accordance with the terms of reference (design solutions, OV and VC sections) and the creation of an integrated BIM model
  3. Defense of projects in front of an expert jury consisting of specialists from the Metropolis Company and SPbGASU teachers.

✔ Initially, the case championship was to be held from February to May 2020. It was conceived as project-based training with regular face-to-face consultations of the company's specialists and the use of special software installed at the university. But the epidemiological situation made its adjustments, the dates and format of the championship were changed.

After March 18, the Championship was held exclusively in a distance format with the use of distance learning and communication tools: Google Classroom, Metropolis cloud storage, Zoom online training platform, a specialized website, email, social networks and various messengers, which contributed to the development of digital skills of the participants.

Despite the difficulties encountered, all the teams successfully completed the competition task.

Director General of the Metropolis Alexander Vorozhbitov: "Problems in the work on projects in connections with coronavirus are obstacles that relate to the process; they have been passed, but the result will remain." A.N. Vorozhbitov pointed out the high level of projects of the championship participants, good ideas in terms of architectural and planning solutions, and the depth of the models.

There are definitely advantages to each section of a project. But in my opinion, a complex result is always more important.

According to the jury’s assessments, the prizes in the case championship were distributed as follows:

1st place: the GASU development and systems team

2nd place: Kamadevis and Smart choice teams

3rd place: ECO Engineering team

Congratulations to the winners: Viktor Tsyganovkin (GIP), Arina Zhalnina (AS), Victoria Ostyanko and Elizaveta Andreeva (CS), Timur Drisi (VK), Denis Izhora and Anna Orlova (OV).

The best solutions by section were demonstrated by:

  • Architectural solutions - GASU development and systems team
  • Constructive solutions - Kamadevis team
  • Water supply and sewerage - Kamadevis team
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning - ECO Engineering team
  • Complex BIM-model - GASU development and systems team

Metropolis experts singled out the participants who showed their worth during the whole period of work and in the defense of projects:

  • in the AS section: Alexander Nikolaev and Kristin Kozlenkov
  • under the CS section: Maria Bagrova, Valery Chubaruk and Elizaveta Romanova
  • for the HVAC section: Vladislav Popov and Yaroslav Kirlenkov
  • ISU: Anna Olefirenko and Konstantin Milovanovich

By the decision of the Metropolis Company, all participants will receive certificates of participation in the case championship and souvenirs from OOO Metropolis; the best participants and winners will additionally receive letters of recommendation, diplomas and the opportunity to undergo an internship in the company.

Case championships have already become a common practice at our university. Case technologies facilitate the establishment of direct contacts between students and potential employers in the process of solving cases, the creative and professional self-expression of the participants. The solution of cases is a modern trend that opens up great prospects in the training of engineering personnel and ensures the formation of professional and universal competencies in demand in the labor market among students.

— Marina V. Malyutina, 
Head of Education Quality Assessment Department
Руководитель управления оценки качества

SPbGASU students and teachers express their gratitude to the head of the company Alexander Vorozhbitov, specialists of the OOO Metropolis Alla Seregina and Dmitry Yatsenko for organizing the championship, Sergey Bryuzgin, Svetlana Parkhomenko, Alexander Pronin, Ksenia Pashkevich, Fedor Isaev, Evgeny Skripka for their willingness to share their knowledge with students and for a caring attitude to the training of future professionals in the construction industry. 

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