26 November 2020

The SPbGASU team wins second stage of the city case competition on transport development

The team of SPbGASU has won stage 2 of the “New People – New Transport” student case championship, which was organized for the third time by the Saint Petersburg Committee on Transport.

Case championship in an online format

Case championship in an online format

✔ The purpose of the event is to identify the most promising students of transport specializations and to provide them with opportunities to gain new experience and competencies.

The partners and sponsors of the competition are the North-Western Bank of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”, JSC “Third Park” and other large companies.

Last year the case championship was held at SPbGASU, and our university’s team became the winner. This year, the competition second stage entitled "Transport and Urban Environment" was arranged online on November 10.

There were eight local universities competing at this stage – in addition to SPbGASU, the participants represented the following institutions: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, the Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg University of Economics and St. Petersburg State Transport University.

The SPbGASU team consisted of 4-year students of the Faculty of Automobile and Road Building, enrolled in the Bachelor's programme "Technology of Transport Processes". Elizaveta Bystrova, Lyubov Branovitskaya and Vyacheslav Kaisin were able to effectively apply the theoretical knowledge obtained in our university for solving important practical tasks.

The programme of the competition’s second stage included the homework presentation on the topic “Transport-2035”, intellectual game “What? Where? When?", and debates.

As a homework assignment, the SPbGASU team presented their project of a monorail line connecting remote areas of St. Petersburg and the suburbs: Kronstadt, Rzhevka, Kudrovo, Pulkovo airport, Peterhof. Due to the high speed, passengers will be able to get from the airport to “Kupchino” metro station in just 4 minutes, or in 10 minutes – from Kronstadt to “Staraya Derevnya” metro station.

➠ Project presented by the SPbGASU team

Vyacheslav Kaisin tells:

– We had thought for a long time which kind of transport to choose. On the one hand, it should be innovative, and on the other hand, not too unrealistic. As a result, our choice fell on the magnetic levitation (maglev) train. We assigned responsibilities among us and got down to work. Our strong point was preparing a detailed feasibility study of the project: we were the only ones who did not just a description, but also calculations, and the jury noted that.

Maglev train

Maglev train

However, the presentation was only the first part of the competition. Afterwards we participated in the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” in which we had to rely not only on our knowledge, but also on the intuition. And then, during the debates, we were asked to express our opinion on various topical issues, for example, collection of biometric data for transport services. Following the results of those three completed tasks, our team was the first. Our supervising teachers from the Department of Transport Systems, Professor Andrei Gorev and Associate Professor Olga Popova, helped us a lot to become the winners. I have thoroughly studied the maglev and I find it a very promising mode of transport! – Vyacheslav summed up.

Elizaveta Bystrova notes:

– It was rather difficult to find information about the maglev trains that are already in operation. But with the help of the leaders, we managed to do it. Our teachers, Olga Valentinovna Popova and Andrey Edlivich Gorev, were consulting and supporting us. We are very grateful to them for their help.

Lyubov Branovitskaya recommends all students not to doubt their abilities:

– Feel free to take part in all competitions, even if you think that you have little knowledge in this area. In the course of the competition, you will be able to learn new things and enhance your knowledge.

– The case championship is very useful for developing teamwork skills, organizing brainstorming when solving non-standard problems, says Professor Andrey Gorev.

Transport enterprises need to increase the pool of potential candidates for the personnel reserve. Participation in the case championship opens up new perspectives for talented students.

Now the competition superfinal is ahead, which will bring together only the strongest contestants.

Text: Tatyana Petrova
Photos were provided by the championship participants

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