17 September 2021

SPbGASU Joins the Association of Higher Education Institutions of Russia and Japan

As part of the 3rd meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of Institutions of Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Japan (9th Forum of Rectors of Russian and Japanese Universities), which was held online on 16 September, a ceremony of new members’ admission took place. One of them was Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Participants of the Russia–Japan Student Forum 2021

The event was organised by the Russian Union of Rectors, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Niigata University and Hokkaido University.

The participants discussed cooperation between Russian and Japanese universities in the sphere of education and science, including academic exchanges, professional education programmes, as well as scientific research areas of mutual interest.

"We have recalled the tremendous work that was done in the period between the forums. And, of course, we set new tasks, the implementation of which should bring our interaction within the Association to a new level," said the President of the Russian Union of Rectors, head of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy.

Summing up the event, a final communiqué was adopted that stresses the importance of interaction between the two countries' universities and sets further goals: encouraging academic mobility of students and young researchers, developing professional education, collecting and disseminating information on joint research projects, and promoting interdisciplinary synergy between universities and business.

✔ The third forum of the Russian-Japanese Student Union was held on 12–13 September on the margins of 9th Rectors' Forum. Students from the two countries took part in sessions devoted to medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

"I was glad to take part in the Russia-Japan Student Forum. The event raised important contemporary questions and issues and brought together many people from different fields. I will definitely participate next time," shared his impressions Artyom Kolibaba, a first-year Master's student of Architecture from SPbGASU.

"The theme of our session was the Russian-Japanese cooperation in achieving sustainable development goals. I plan to use the experience gained in my future work," told Oksana Vasilyeva, a Master's student from the Faculty of Architecture.

SPbGASU is steadily expanding its partnership geography including ties with Japanese universities. An agreement on academic exchange with Hokkaido University has been implemented since 2019: students and teachers from SPbGASU participate in Hokkaido Summer Institute courses, take part in grant competitions and scholarship programmes of the Japanese government. In July 2021, the International Summer School “Architecture of Eco-Tourism Complexes in the Arctic: Opening ‘Terra Incognita’” was organized in collaboration with Hokkaido University (Japan), and in late August a joint course of lectures within the framework of RJE3 Russian-Japanese educational programme was held. Representatives of Hokkaido University will take part in the international conferences "Arctic Territorial Development: Challenges and Solutions" (ARCTD 2021) on September 29-30, 2021 and "Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage" (RRAH 2022) on March 23-25, 2022 organized by SPbGASU.

“Developing partnerships with universities in Japan, enhancing relevant areas of cooperation and implementing joint projects in the field of science and education are not only a prerequisite for successful development of the university’s international activities, but also an important contribution to forming qualitatively new bilateral relations, resistant to external influences, and in creating a favourable climate for strengthening the scientific and technical potential of the both countries," stressed the SPbGASU Vice Rector for External Relations and Youth Policy Irina Lugovskaia.

Text: Tatyana Petrova

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