15 September 2022

SPbGASU students became winners of the open competition
"Gremyachaya Hill – Preservation through Development"

Twelve bachelor's degree students of the faculty of architecture of the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering became winners of the open competition "Gremyachaya Hill – Preservation through Development". The awarding ceremony took place on September 8 at the Pskov regional universal scientific library named after V. Ya. Kurbatov.

Visualization (Anna Martynenko)

The competition for the improvement of the territory in the vicinity of Pskov, rich in historical and cultural monuments, was announced in the spring of 2022 at the initiative of the public council under the Committee for the protection of cultural heritage sites of the Pskov region. It was attended by architects and designers from Pskov, Moscow and St Petersburg. The jury consisted of architects, art critics, and historians. The exhibition of architectural projects based on the results of the competition worked in the gallery "Tsekh" of the Pskov Academic Drama Theater named after A. S. Pushkin from July 7 to 21 and enjoyed great success.

The first place was taken by the architect from Pskov, Vladimir Shulyakovsky, who spoke positively about his fellow students. Among the participants from SPbGASU, the places were distributed as follows:

  • second place – Anna Martynenko, fifth-year student;
  • third place – Daria Ivanova, fifth-year student;
  • fourth place – a group of authors, which included third-year student Alisa Mikhailova, third-year student Aleksandra Arikova, third-year undergraduate student Maksim Shemetillo, third-year undergraduate student Anna Krepakova, third-year undergraduate student Dmitry Erofeev and third-year undergraduate student Daniil Medvedev;
  • fifth place – a team of authors consisting of Maria Doronina, a fifth-year undergraduate student Kristina Kostyri, a fifth-year undergraduate student, and Maria Pladova, a fifth-year student.

Axonometric diagram
(author Anna Martynenko)

The students were supervised by teachers of the department of architectural environment and landscape design: associate professor Yan Korzhempo, senior lecturer Vasily Gomozov, senior lecturer Aleksey Perov.

According to Aleksey Perov, the territory is unique in its landscape characteristics and is rich in historical sites that are under state protection. The students made bold proposals for the restoration of the lost elements of the Pskov defensive structures of the 15th–16th centuries. "Okolny city"according to today's needs and possibilities. This would help to include Gremyachaya Hill in the network of tourist routes and enrich them with new revived sights, adequately organize the life of the parish of the current temple of Cosmas and Damian, and visits to this area by groups of citizens and guests of Pskov.

“In the process of work, I first of all wanted to revive the space of Gremyachaya Hill, which is located in the area of the historical center of Pskov, but is actually cut off from the city. Of course, when designing, it was important for me to take into account the location of cultural heritage sites on the territory, as well as the context of the environment as a whole,” said Anna Martynenko, who took second place.

Анна Мартыненко

Anna Martynenko

In her work, Anna proposed to organize an open-air park-museum with ethnic, dendrological and entertaining and educational elements. The designed space is aimed both at local residents of different ages and at visitors to the city. In such a park, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the national culture, life and crafts and, of course, get acquainted with the history of Gremyachaya Hill. In the project, the author used various kinds of references to the elements of Russian culture, stylization.

Thanks to the work on the project, Anna got to know Pskov and its history better. In addition, the student managed to gain valuable experience in designing a park space in a historical environment.

The Pskov branch of the Union of Architects noted the high level of works of SPbGASU students and provided several sites for graduation design. Students have already familiarized themselves with these territories.

Text: Tatiana Petrova

Photo: Anna Martynenko, Ekaterina Nikiforova


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