Position: Head of the Department
Academic degree D.Sc. in Engineering (2001)
Academic title Professor (2002)
Faculty Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services
Department: Physics and Chemistry in Construction
1972 - Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute.
  • General Physics;
  • Concepts of Modern Natural Science;
  • Structural Physics (architectural and engineering acoustics and lighting engineering, thermophysics).
Research interests
  • Physical and mathematical turbulent diffusion modeling in deformed flows in aeration and atmosphere protection issues;
  • Heat and mass transfer in porous medium;
  • Thermal shield and building efficiency increase.
Scientific conferences

Professor Datsuk took part in 19 international scientific conferences held in Hungary (1994), Finland (1994 and 2000), Norway (1995), Japan (1996), the USA (1994 and 1997), Saint-Petersburg (1996-2005), Scotland (1999), Russia (2000-2004) and more.

Selected publications
  1. Smirnov E. B., Datciuk T. A., Taurit V. R. Estimation of ecological safety of the designed buildings. Water and ecology. 2017, № 3, P. 82-98.
  2. Datciuk T. A. Forecasting of ecological situation in course of buildings’ design. Architecture and Engineering V. 1, Issue 2, 2016.
  3. Datsuk T, Pozin G, Ulyasheva V, Kanev M (2015) Energy-saving Technologies in Transportation of Natural Gas Facilities. Procedia Engineering 117: 874–882. DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2015.08.157
  4. Datsuk T, Pukhal V, Ivlev U (2014) Forecasting of microclimate in the course of buildings design and reconstruction. Advanced Materials Research 1020:643–648. DOI: 10.4028 /www.scientific.net/AMR.1020.643
  5. Dacjuk, T., Grimitlin, A. Aeration of industrial buildings. World Applied Sciences Journal. 2013. Т. 23. № 13. P. 50-54.
Professional organizations
Adviser at the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAASN).
More information
1972-1985 - an engineer in the scientific-research assembly, junior and senior research fellow at the chair of physics;
since 1985 - assistant, associate professor and professor;
since 1998 – head of the Department of Physics;
since 2007 – dean of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering.
She supervises postgraduate and doctoral students.
Member of the Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics "ABOK". Member of the editorial team “Engineering systems AVOK North-West”, “Translucent Constructions”.
Member of the dissertation council of SPbGASU.
Took part in the scientific research projects:
  • Technical and economic evaluation of effects of electrical power supply failures in Saint Petersburg; dynamics of  hydrometer condition of typical apartment building s’ enclosures during their exploitation (Project Proposal for Tacis/Bistro 2000-2001);
  • Calculating methods of environment control systems improvement (“Architecture and Engineering”);
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of industrial buildings aerodynamics.
Since 2003 - scientific and technical testing centre “Block” under the supervision of Tamara Datsuk. It does certificate tests of constructions and window frames, energy audit of buildings (power passport, heat monitoring, sound insulation analysis and indexes of heat transmission in construction structures in full-size conditions, expertise of design solutions).
Address 4 Vtoraya Krasnoarmeiskaya ul., Saint Petersburg, 190005, SPbGASU
Phone +7 (812) 316-2180, +7-921-944-10-13
E-mail tdatsuk@mail.ru


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