EREMEEVA Aleksandra F.
Position: Associate Professor
Academic degree PhD of Architecture (2016)
Academic title Associate Professor (2019)
Faculty Architecture
Department: Architectural Design
specialty: architectural design
qualification: architect (SPbGASU, 2012)
postgraduate studies: in the specialty "Architecture of buildings and structures. Creative concepts of architecture” (SPbGASU, 2016)

Professional Development
  • International summer school of architecture at the Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2011)
  • Internship at the Sofia University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, Bulgaria (2019)
  • Design of buildings and structures. Works on the architectural solutions development (SPbGASU, 2020)
  • Development and implementation of the main professional educational program in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education 3++ (SPbGASU, 2020)
  • Digital tools of a modern teacher of higher education (SPbGASU, 2020)
  • Architectural design of residential and public complexes (bachelor's degree)
  • Design and research on the profile of training (master's degree)
  • Methods of scientific research in architectural design (master's degree)
  • Actual problems of design of architectural environment (course of lectures, master's degree)
  • Architectural analysis (course of lectures, bachelor's degree)
Professional interests
  • Design of detached houses;
  • Design of apartment buildings;
  • Design of tourist complexes;
  • Design of apartment interiors and detached houses;
  • Design of public buildings interiors.
Research interests
  • Design of residential and public buildings in cold climates
  • Complex approach to design of buildings and city environment
Scientific conferences
Aleksandra Eremeeva has participated in more than 30 scientific conferences and project seminars. The most significant are:
  • Project seminar on energy efficient construction "Passive House" (Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2010)
  • Project seminar "New Urbanism" within the framework of the architectural competition of graduation projects "Degree and Profession" (Florence, Italy, 2011)
  • 13th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices (St Petersburg State University, 2019)
  • Scientific conference "Architecture and the city after the pandemic" (Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning (Moscow), 2020)
  • XI International Forum "Arctic: Present and Future" (St Petersburg, 2021);
  • X International Symposium-Exhibition "Relate North: Everyday Extremes 2021" (Tomsk, 2021);
  • International scientific and practical conference "Problems of the territorial development of the Arctic zone and ways to solve them" (SPbGASU, 2021);
  • Interuniversity online conference "Focus on the Arctic" (Moscow Institute of Architecture, 2022);
  • Interregional scientific conference "Modern public spaces as a tool for the development of the urban environment" (member of the organizing committee; SPbGASU, 2018–2022)
  • Annual international conference "Architectural seasons in SPbGASU"
Aleksandra Eremeeva is the author and co-author of more than 50 published works, including those in journals peer-reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission
Selected publications
  1. Eremeeva, A. F. Architectural typology of multifunctional business tourism centers / A. F. Eremeeva. - St Petersburg: SPbGASU, 2018. - 108 p.
  2. Eremeeva, A. F. Designing multifunctional public complexes on the example of business tourism centers / A. F. Eremeeva. - St Petersburg: SPbGASU, 2018. - 120 p.
Articles Scientific articles in journals indexed by Scopus:
  1. Eremeeva A. F., Lavrov L. P. Methods of the development of pedestrian traffic routes in the historical center of Saint Petersburg // Transportation Research Procedia. – 2018. – № 36. – ISSN: 2352-1465.
  2. Eremeeva A. F. Residential districts of soviet modernism: history and prospects for further development // Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Urban Design and Planning. – 2018. – № 3 (171). – ISSN 1755‑0793.
  3. Eremeeva A. Developing Prospects of Typology of Ecotourism Complexes // Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction, ICCPAC 2020. – 2021. 26–30.
  4. Eremeeva A., Iakunenkova M. Developing Architectural Concepts of a Modern Residential Area in Response to Historical Identity: St Petersburg, Russia // The International Journal of Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design. – 2021. №15 (1): 35–55. doi:10.18848/2325-1662/CGP/v15i01/35-55
Publications in scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation:
  1. Eremeeva, A.F. Principles of formation of architectural solutions for modern business tourism centers / A.F. Eremeeva // Bulletin of civil engineers. - 2018. - No. 6 (71). – P. 5–13.
  2. Eremeeva, A.F. Marine facade as part of the city center of St Petersburg of the XXI century - unused potential / A.F. Eremeeva, L.P. Lavrov // Academia. Architecture and construction. - 2019. - No. 2. - P. 83–91.
  3. Eremeeva, A.F. Public spaces in the structure of a multifunctional complex: current trends in the organization / A.F. Eremeeva // Bulletin of civil engineers. - 2020. - No. 4 (81). – P. 5–12.
Publications in conference proceedings:
  1. Eremeeva, A. F. Actual problems of design of the architectural environment of a modern city / A. F. Eremeeva // Architecture - construction - transport: materials of the 73rd scientific conference of professors, teachers, scientists, engineers and graduate students of the university. - Part 1. - St Petersburg: SPbGASU, 2017. - P. 137–141.
  2. Eremeeva, A. F. On the need for collective interaction in the process of diploma design of students-architects / A. F. Eremeeva, M. S. Yakunenkova // Pedagogical parallels: materials of the V International scientific-practical conference - St Petersburg: SPbGASU, 2018. - P. 705–709.
Professional organizations
Member of the Union of Architects of Russia.
  • I degree diploma and the title of laureate of the competition of the National Association of Designers (NAD) for the best architectural and planning solution in the nomination "Children's educational institution for 180 places, including a kindergarten for four groups and a school of the first stage for four classes" (2011)
  • Gold diploma of the International organization for the promotion of architectural education (MOOSAO) for the diploma project “Residential Complex on the Karpovka River embankment" (2012)
  • Diplomas and certificates to the head of graduation projects for students of the department (since 2017)
More information
Leader of summer architectural schools of SPbGASU:
  • Architecture of Eco-Tourism Complexes in the Arctic: Opening “Terra Incognita” (Online, 2021);
  • Architecture of Eco-Tourism Complexes in Cold Climate Area (2022).
The most significant projects:
  • The project of a low-rise residential complex in Sestroretsk (as part of the team of authors, 2010)
  • Reconstruction of the underground space of the church of St Catherine on Nevsky Prospekt (St Petersburg, 2010)
  • Interiors of classrooms of Knauf training centers in Arkhangelsk and Veliky Novgorod (2009, 2011)
  • Interiors of the administrative premises of the Grand Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky" (St Petersburg, 2011)
  • The project of an innovative office and sports center in the village Bugry of the Leningrad Region (as part of the group of authors, 2011–2014)
  • Reconstruction of the facades of the House of Public Services in Kronstadt (2011)
  • Residential complex Suomi (as part of the team of authors, 2012–2014)
  • Projects of children's educational institutions for 80 and 140 places for the residential complex Ultracity (St Petersburg, as part of the team of authors, 2013–2015)
  • Interiors of individual houses and apartments (since 2009)
Address 4 Vtoraya Krasnoarmeiskaya ul., Saint Petersburg, 190005, SPbGASU
Phone +7 (812) 575-05-10


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