MEDRES Ekaterina E.
Position: Associate Professor
Academic degree PhD of Economic Sciences (2007)
Academic title Associate Professor (2012)
Faculty Automobile and Road-Building
Department: Transport Systems

specialty: Management in Construction
qualification: Manager (SPbGASU, 2000)

specialty: land transport and technological complexes
qualification: master (SPbGASU, 2020)
Professional Development
  • Training to work on the research complex of dynamic loading Dynatest FWG / HWD with Elmod-6 software (Dynatest, 2017)
  • Modern aspects of road safety in the operation of land transport and technological machines and complexes (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Features of teaching disabled people and people with health disorders in a technical university (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Anti-corruption (teaching staff) (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Life safety (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Modern technologies for the design, development and implementation of electronic educational resources (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • The pedagogical space of the university: technologies, meanings, values ​​(SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Organization and traffic safety (SPbGASU, 2018)
  • Transport planning and modeling (SPbGASU, 2019)
  • Labour protection of pedagogical workers of educational institutions (SPbGASU, 2020)
  • Transport logistics
  • Analysis of the transport activity of the enterprise
  • Theory of transport systems
  • Efficiency of transport systems
Professional interests
  • Scientific research;
  • Curriculum development;
  • Improvement of teaching methods;
  • Editorial and production.
Research interests
  • Carrying out research work in the field of road infrastructure
  • Innovative technologies, materials and machines in the design, construction and operation of roads
  • Organization of traffic and traffic safety
  • Intelligent transport systems and information (digital) technologies in transport
Scientific conferences
Ekaterina Medres has participated in 50 scientific conferences.
Ekaterina Medres is the author of more than 35 published scientific and educational works.
Selected publications
  1. Medres, E. E. Modern ergonomics / E. E. Medres, B. S. Dobroborsky, D. E. Volkovitsky. - St Petersburg: PH "Petropolis", 2018. - 164 p.
  2. Lightweight and combined embankments from EPS-blocks (design, construction, monitoring) / E. E. Medres, S. A. Evtyukov, E. P. Medres, Ya. V. Vasiliev. - St Petersburg: PH "Petropolis", 2021. - 216 p.
  3. Madras, E. E. Road traffic safety and the human factor / E. E. Medres, B. S. Dobroborsky. - Publishing House "Petropolis", 2022. - 138 p.
  1. Dobroborsky, B.S. On the problem of safety assessment when using microwave sources on vehicles / B.S. Dobroborsky, E.E. Medres // Actual problems of infotelecommunications in science and education: collection of scientific articles [in 4 vols.] . - St Petersburg: SPbGASU, 2021. - P. 142–146.
  2. Dobroborsky, B.S. On the objective quantitative assessment of labour safety / B.S. Dobroborsky, E.E. Medres // Labour safety in industry. - 2019. - No. 9. - P. 58–62.
  3. Medres, E. E., Dobroborsky, B. S., Vasiliev, Ya. V. Research into the problem of technical requirements and control methods for limiting pedestrian and protective barriers on public roads / Transport business of Russia. - 2019. - No. 5. - P. 103–106.
  4. On the problem of designing and calculating the design of lightweight embankments from polystyrene foam blocks on soft soils / S. A. Evtyukov, E. P. Medres, E. E. Medres, E. Yu. Matyusova // Bulletin of civil engineers. - 2019. - No. 6 (77). – P. 271–276.
  5. Kvitko, A.V. Improving the quality of repair work of asphalt concrete pavements through the use of hot regeneration technology / A.V. Kvitko, E.E. Medres, B.N. Karpov // Construction: new technologies - new equipment. - 2017. - No. 9. - P. 14–18.
  6. Lazarev Y, Medres C, Raty J, Bondarenko A (2017) Method of Assessment and Prediction of Temperature Conditions of Roadway Surfacing as a Factor of the Road Safety. Transportation Research Procedia, 20: 393-400.
  7. Medres, E. E. Factors affecting the uniformity of the movement of road transport in conditions of saturated traffic flows / E. E. Medres, E. V. Golov, T. I. Babenko // Transport business of Russia. - 2017. - No. 2 (129). – P. 89–90.
  8. Vasiliev, Ya. V. Prospects for the use of alternative sources of energy and heat on the road network / Ya. V. Vasiliev, E. E. Medres, E. V. Golov // Transport on alternative fuel. - 2017. - No. 3 (57). – P. 45–49.
  9. Lazarev, Yu. G. Development of typical solutions for the device, equipment and organization of experimental test sites / Yu. G. Lazarev, E. E. Medres, E. V. Golov // Bulletin of civil engineers. - 2016. - No. 6 (59). - P. 173-181.
  10. Lazarev, Yu. G. Methodology for assessing and predicting the temperature regime of pavements as a factor in road safety / Yu. G. Lazarev, E. E. Medres, Yu. Ryatu // Organization and safety of road traffic in large cities: a collection of papers of participants 12 th International scientific and practical conference. - 2016. - P. 420-427. [Text: electronic]
  11. Lazarev, Yu. G. On the issue of managing the state of non-rigid pavements / Yu. G. Lazarev, E. E. Medres, P. A. Petukhov // Bulletin of civil engineers. - 2016. - No. 3 (56). - P. 173-180.
  1. Calculation of non-rigid pavement / Kvitko A. V., Bondareva E. D., Ovchinnikov M. A., Goncharov V. A., Medras E. P., Indenbom A. G., Evtyukov S. A., Medras E E. Certificate of registration of the computer program RU 2016611957, 15.02.2016. Application No. 2015662806 dated 25.12.2015.
  2. Analysis of the stress-strain state of a multilayer structure by the finite element method / Vasiliev Ya.V., Medras E. E., Evtyukov S. S., Ovchinnikov M. A. Application No. 2015662797 dated 25.12.2015.
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