Vaytens Andrey Georgievich VAYTENS Andrey
Position: Professor
Academic degree Doctor of Architecture (2015)
Academic title Associate professor (1994)
Faculty Architecture
Department: Urban Planning


Qualification: architect (I.Ye. Repin Institute of art, sculpture and architecture, Leningrad, Faculty of Architecture, 1972)
Professional Development
  • Labour protection of pedagogical workers of educational institutions (SPbGASU, 2017, 40 hours)
  • Modern approaches in the development of scientific and methodological documentation of educational standards of the new generation 3++ (2017, 30 hours)
  • Professional standard of urban planning practice (2018, 72 hours)
  • Anti-corruption (for teachers) (SPbGASU, 2018, 72 hours)
  • Features of teaching disabled people and people with health disorders in a technical university (SPbGASU, 2018, 16 hours)
  • Life safety (SPbGASU, 2018, 72 hours)
  • Information technologies in the educational process of a construction university (SPbGASU, 2018, 16 hours)
  • Urban planning (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades)
  • Design and research under the particular training specializations (Master’s degree program)
  • Urban renewal (4th and 5th grades)
Professional interests
  • Scientific research
  • Educational and methodological developments
  • Improvement of teaching methods for the design-level calculation systems
  • Active teaching methods, specifically, the development of role-playing and business games, training programs
  • Development of curriculum with the involvement of active teaching methods
Research interests
  • Urban development
  • History of national urban planning of the 19th – 20th centuries
  • History of urban development of St. Petersburg - Leningrad in the 19th–20th centuries
Scientific conferences
  • 2009 – 2011: High Education of Spatial planning (HESP), Higher Technical School (Zurich)
  • 2014: Scientific conference at the Faculty of Architecture of Brandenburg Technical University (Cottbus):
  • 2015: Scientific conference of the Balkan Architectural Biennale (Belgrade)
Selected publications
  1. Vaytens A.G., Gelfond A.L. The final qualification work of Master’s degree students: guidelines / A.G. Vaytens, A.L. Gelfond; SPbGASU, St. Petersburg, 2015 - 32 p.
  1. Vaytens A.G. Regulation of urban development of St. Petersburg-Leningrad (1870-1991) / Saint-Petersburg, SPbGASU, 2010.
  1. Vaytens A.G. Contribution of the Lenproject Institute to the urban development of Leningrad in the 1930s and early 1960s / A.G. Vaytens // Bulletin of Civil Engineers - 2015. - No. 2 (49). April. - pp. 5-12.
  2. Bolotin S.A., Vaytens A.G., Goryunov V.S. Architecture as a text: the book of William Richard Lethaby ‘Architecture, mysticism, myth’ / S.A. Bolotin, A.G. Vaytens, V.S. Goryunov // Bulletin of Civil Engineers. - 2016. No. 6 (59). - pp. 5 - 9.
  3. Vaytens A.G., Goryunov V.S. The ideas of Russian architects and engineers on the development of urban regulation in St. Petersburg in the early 20th century. / A.G. Vaytens, V.S. Goryunov. // Bulletin of Civil Engineers. - 2016. No. 6 (59). - pp. 10 - 18.
  4. Vaytens A.G., Goryunov V.S. Development of the rules for the development of coastal territories of St. Petersburg - Leningrad in the 19th – 20th centuries: ideas and outcomes // Bulletin of Civil Engineers. - 2016. No. 6 (59). - pp. 24 - 29.
  5. Vaytens A.G., Rusanov G.E., Slavina T.A. V.A. Vitman, L. M. Tverskoy and G. A. Simonov - architects, town planners of Leningrad (1920s - 1950s) / A.G. Vaytens, G.E. Rusanov, T.A. Slavina // Bulletin of Civil Engineers. - 2016. No. 6 (59). - pp. 66 - 71.
  6. Vaytens A.G., Kurbatov Yu.I., Lisovsky V.G. Excerpts on the history of rational use of water resources of the North-West of Russia: the theme of hydroelectric power in the works of Petrograd architects in the 1910s - 1920s / A.G. Vaytens, Yu.I. Kurbatov, V.G. Lisovsky. // Water and Ecology: Problems and Solutions. - 2017. - No. 2. - pp. 65 - 70.
  7. Vaytens A.G., Zeblenok N.N. Review of the monograph by A. V. Krasheninnikov ‘Urban development and urban environment’ // A. G. Vaytens, N. N. Zheblienok // Bulletin of Civil Engineers. - 2017. No. 6 (65). - pp. 372 - 374.
  8. Vaytens A.G., Rusanov G.E., Scriabin P.V. The evolution of high-rise construction in Leningrad - St. Petersburg in the middle of the 20th – early 21st centuries: projects and implementation / A.G. Vaytens, G.E. Rusanov, P.V. Skryabin // Materials of the High Rise Construction 2017 Conference, Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, E3S Web of Conference High Rise Construction 2017.
  9. Vaytens A.G. The evolution of the city borders of St. Petersburg (late 19th – early 20th centuries): causes and effects / A.G. Vaytens // Urban planning №4, 2018, pp. 36 - 47.
  10. Vaytens A.G., Mityagin S.D., Yankovskaya Yu.S. Problems of training for architectural and construction activities in the Master’s degree programs of leading Russian architectural schools / A.G. Vaytens, S.D. Mityagin, Yu.S. Yankovskaya.// Bulletin of Civil Engineers No. 5 (70), 2018, pp. 222 - 228.
  11. Vaytens A.G. Features of urban regulation in Petrograd - Leningrad: the formation of an intracity management system / A.G. Vaytens. // In the book: Soviet Urban Development. 1917 - 1941. - M.: Progress Tradition, 2018. - pp.387 - 420.
  12. Andrey Vaytens and Yulia Yankovskaya. Saint Petersburg landscape scenarios and green architecture in the strategy of urban development / MATEC Web of Conferences, Volume 170, 02001 (2018)
  13. Olga Pastukh, Andrey Vaytens and Svetlana Golovina. Construction of the atrium in the Tula Kremlin: history, background and opportunities / MATEC Web of Conferences, Volume 193, 04012 (2018).
Professional organizations
  • Advisor to the RAASN (since 2011)
  • Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation (2022)
More information
  1. Advisor to the RAASN Department of Urban Planning since 2011
  2. As a scientific advisor, trained 2 postgraduate students who defended their theses in 2011 and were approved as candidates of architecture in 2012.
  3. In 2016 – 2017, supervised preparation of 8 Master’s degree holders in architecture in the Urban Planning specialization. 3 final qualification works were awarded first categories and certificates at international contest reviews of final qualification works in 2017 – 2017.
  4. Since 2018, chairman and member of the D 212.223.05 Dissertation Council of the FSBEI SPbGASU.
  5. Since 2018, member of the Dissertation Council of the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy).
  6. Member of the Union of Architects of Russia since 1980
Address 4 Vtoraya Krasnoarmeiskaya ul., Saint Petersburg, 190005, SPbGASU
Phone +7 (812) 575-05-28


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