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Master's degree 07.04.01 / Cost per semester: ₽ 189 900

Budget places available

Intramural studies


2 years

Educational program specializations

Architectural design of buildings and structures

Total places


Budget places


Acquired knowledge and skills, specifics of training:

  • Territorial planning
  • Urban zoning
  • Architectural and construction design
  • Construction control
  • Management of urban development of territories
  • Administration of urban planning activities at the local and regional levels
  • Development of a system of knowledge about architectural activity
  • Vocational education and training (specialist and bachelor levels)
  • Criticism and expertise of architectural and urban planning projects

Studied profile disciplines:

  • Socio-ecological regulation of architectural and urban planning activities
  • Design and research
  • Professional architectural practice
  • Architectural design of buildings and multifunctional complexes

Graduates of this specialization can work in:

  • state institutions of executive authorities responsible for urban development of cities and towns
  • research institutions of urban planning profile
  • state organizations developing urban planning documentation at various levels, rules for land use and development of settlements
  • educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher professional education
  • bodies of state and non-state expertise
  • commercial and government architectural organizations as architects
  • commercial and government organizations of urban planning profile as architects-urban planners

Entrance examination program to the master's degree in the field of study 07.04.01 Architecture


Admissions Committee

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Executive secretary of the admissions committee

Natalia Orlova

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