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International Students Council

Information for international students
Antonia Angelova

Welcome from the chairman of the council

Hello! Здравей! My name is Antonia, I am a second-year master student at the Faculty of Architecture.

I came from warm Bulgaria in 2015 and am actively engaged in social and scientific activities at SPbGASU. In the international students council I have covered a long way from a designer, an organizer to a vice-chairman. Now it is an honor for me to take the place of the ISC chairman.

Our entity helps foreign students of SPbGASU in social and cultural adaptation to the conditions of study at the university.

The ISC is a part of the SPbGASU student council, actively cooperates with it and participates in the events held by the council.

In our free time, we organize various events aimed at developing the creative potential and popularizing the national traditions of foreign students.

For successful adaptation, overcoming the language barrier, our council implements programs on an ongoing basis:

  • "Kuppiya" - the study of computer programs basics;
  • Russian conversation club - language;
  • Representatives of countries - culture;
  • Adapters - support and assistance to foreign students who have arrived to study at SPbGASU.

The university is another home for students, a place where they should feel needed, useful and understood. This is the place where they can try themselves, where they can rise, fail and fall, and then rise and boldly go further, knowing that those around them will reach out and inspire.

Our council creates the most comfortable conditions for foreign students to live, providing comprehensive assistance in solving emerging problem situations. Recreational activities create an easy and relaxed atmosphere that allows students to join the large and friendly Inter Family.

The International Students Council invites everyone to join us! Welcome! 


International students council


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