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Required Documents

Documents to be submitted to the Admissions Office

  1. Identity documents
    • The original of your international ID (passport) and its Xerox copy
    • Notarized translation of the passport into Russian and the copy of the translation
  2. Documents confirming your education
    • School certificate or university diploma and the academic transcript
    • Copies of the certificate/diploma and its transcript
    • Notarized translation of the certificate/diploma and its transcript into Russian and the copy of the translation
  3. Six photos (3х4 сm) on matte paper

Legalization and Recognition of Documents

Legalization of documents refers to assigning legal status in a given country to a document issued in another country.

Legalization of documents is necessary if you are from Abkhazia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and other countries which are not in the CIS.

Legalization must be done before your arrival to SPbGASU. Documents may be legalized in the same country where they were issued.

Documents issued in the countries that have signed a special agreement with Russia will be recognized automatically. Please check about your country.

What else is needed in the beginning of the academic year?

Make sure you bring with you a medical certificate confirming that you have no medical restrictions to study abroad.

Your medical certificate must be issued no earlier than three months prior to your arrival to the University. In addition, you should have its notarized translation into Russian.