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Assessment of the quality of education is carried out in order to ensure guarantees of the quality of education and its compliance with the needs and expectations of consumers of educational services. This eliminates risks and threats when implementing educational programs and helps ensure openness and accessibility of information about the educational activities of the university.

SPbGASU management's quality assurance policy

The quality assessment system includes internal and external activities.

Internal assessment includes:

  • systematic assessment of the quality of development of educational programs;
  • independent assessment of the quality of students’ training using a set of independent testing;
  • organizing, conducting and monitoring the participation of students in competitive events;
  • monitoring satisfaction with the quality of education;
  • conducting internal audits of processes and structural units to confirm compliance of activities with established requirements;
  • conducting self-examination of the university and educational programs;
  • monitoring of graduates' employment.

External assessment includes:

  • participation in national and international university rankings;
  • professional and public accreditation of educational programs;
  • quality management system (QMS) certification;
  • participation in quality competitions;
  • independent assessment of the quality of educational services.
In 2022, SPbGASU was awarded second place in the competition for the Prize of the Government of St Petersburg - the badge of honor “For the quality of goods (products), works and services” in the nomination “Best organization of the service sector” among organizations with more than 250 employees.

Professional, public and international accreditation

The following educational programs have passed the professional, public and international accreditation in 2021-2023:

Все образовательные программы получили высокую оценку экспертов и в полном объёме подтвердили соответствие национальным и европейским стандартам качества образования. 

Свидетельства о профессионально-общественной аккредитации (*.pdf)

Свидетельства о международной аккредитации (*.pdf)