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About scientific activity in SPbGASU

St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is one of the largest country’s universities in the sphere of civil engineering, urban and territorial development, and environmental engineering. The university implements scientific, R&D, and innovative researches and pilot projects. The university is the leading research centre for fundamental and applied problems of architecture, urban and road construction, motor transport, environmental engineering, heat and water supply, economics, organization, and management in civil engineering, and other scientific areas. Rich historical traditions, highly professional staff, and state-of-the-art material base allow SPbGASU to carry out scientific and innovative activities at a high professional level.

At SPbGASU, we value research as a powerful form of learning by doing. Pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the fundamental educational spheres and the use of it in training qualified specialists is our permanent activity. We stand for the enhancement of qualification of the research staff and faculty; attracting and employment of young specialists in the education and research spheres; enriching education through engaging students in frontline faculty-led research activities, development of competitive hi-tech scientific and industrial products.

The development strategy for the research activities at the university is outlined by the University’s Academic Council.

Major Directions of Research at SPbGASU

  • State-of-the-art approaches to construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures
  • Impact of business activities on the environment
  • Essential issues in the construction, reconstruction, and exploitation of buildings, structures, and engineering systems
  • Road safety and transport infrastructure in the conditions of historical cities evolution
  • Essential issues of urban and architectural development of St. Petersburg and its agglomeration
  • Essential issues of economics and management in civil engineering and housing and utilities infrastructure

To accomplish Our Goals, We

  1. Carry out fundamental and applied scientific researches and experimental works sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation; grants of the Russian Federal Property Fund, grants of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, Russian Science Foundation; grants of the Government of St. Petersburg for students, post-graduate students and young scientists, and at the expense of SPbGASU off-the-budget funds, international grants and cooperation;
  2. Organize and conduct scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, etc. at the national and international levels
  3. Train highly qualified specialists and faculty;
  4. Maintain publication of several periodicals in the university’s area of studies:
  5. Publish monographs, collections of scholarly articles, conference proceedings, etc.

University’s Research Results are Applied

In the industry sector, large governmental and commercial organizations, and field-specific enterprises in our country and beyond.

We extensively use outcomes of scientific research in the training process: new and modernized courses are introduced on a regular basis, new curricula and Master’s degree programs are developed; advanced training of civil engineers is performed.