About scientific activities at SPbGASU

Scientific activities at the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering are carried out within six priority areas:

  • architecture and urban planning;
  • restoration and preservation of architectural heritage;
  • construction and housing and utility infrastructure;
  • digital transformation of construction and housing and utility infrastructure;
  • new materials, structures and additive technologies;
  • automobile and road complex and intelligent transport systems.

In compliance with the directions, active research activities are carried out by 13 scientific schools.

Along with educational activities, SPbGASU carries out scientific, technical and innovative research and development. The university is a leading scientific center for the study of fundamental and applied issues of architecture, urban and road construction, road transport, ecology, heat and water supply, economics, organization, management and other areas of modern science.

Extensive historical traditions, highly qualified specialists, modern material and technical base allow SPbGASU to carry out scientific activities at a high professional level.

The scientific work at SPbGASU is managed by the Vice-Rector for Research.

Research activities at SPbGASU are aimed at obtaining new knowledge in the main scientific and educational areas and using them to train qualified specialists and highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel, maintaining and developing leading scientific and pedagogical teams, attracting and consolidating young people in the field of education and science, creation of high-tech technologies and competitive scientific and technical products.

The strategy and policy for the development of research activities at the university is determined by the SPbGASU Academic Council. The list of the main scientific areas and scientific schools of SPbGASU was approved by the decision of the Academic Council of 28 June, 2018, protocol No. 5. The list of priority areas of activity of the university is defined in the SPbGASU Development Program for 2023-2032, approved by the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Afanasiev D.V. dt. 24.11.2023.

Prior scientific directions

  • Modern approaches to the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures
  • Impact of economic activities on the ecological state of the environment
  • Current issues of construction, reconstruction and operation of buildings, structures and engineering systems
  • Road safety and transport infrastructure in the context of the evolution of historical cities
  • Current issues of urban planning and architectural development of St Petersburg and the St Petersburg agglomeration
  • Current issues of economics and management in construction and housing and utility infrastructure

University scientific schools

In compliance with the scientific directions, active research activities are carried out by 13 scientific schools.

Components of research activities

The university's research activities include:

  1. Carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research and experimental development according to:

    state assignment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and orders of other ministries and departments;

    grants from the Russian Science Foundation;

    Federal target programs;

    grants from the Government of St Petersburg for students, PhD students and young scientists;

    research work financed from SPbGASU’s own extra-budgetary funds, including for students and scientific and pedagogical workers;

    business contracts with organizations and enterprises.

  2. Organization and holding of scientific congress events: conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, etc.

  3. Training and certification of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

  4. Publication of the scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal "Bulletin of Civil Engineers", the scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal "Architecture and Engineering", monographs, collections of scientific papers, materials of scientific conferences, etc.

Application of the results of performed scientific research

The results of research carried out over the past five years have been used in the production activities of such large organizations and enterprises as the State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal of St Petersburg", the ventilation plant "LiSSan", the State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Central Communal Enterprise "Housing Economy", CJSC "Institute "Stroyproekt"", JSC Rossiya Airlines, Power Machines JSC, Construction Management 5 CJSC, Gatchinsky SSK CJSC, EUROMONO-LIT CJSC, LSR-Bazovye CJSC, Reinforced Concrete Structures and Parts CJSC, JSC "Reinforced Concrete Structures and Parts" CJSC Kamennogorsk Quarry Management", JSC "Mostostrotelny Trust No. 6", Palace of Culture named after M. Gorky (Palace of Arts of the Leningrad Region), etc.

The research results are used in organizing the educational process (new special disciplines have been introduced and existing ones have been updated, new curricula and master's programs have been developed), in the preparation and conduct of advanced training classes for workers in the construction industry.

The obtained scientific results are used in further scientific developments under projects of the Russian Science Foundation and in research projects funded by the university.