Economic security

Specialist degree 38.05.01 / Cost per semester: ₽ 89 000

Paid places only

Intramural studies


5 years

Educational program specializations

Financial and analytical support to economic security of business entities and organizations

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Acquired knowledge and skills, specifics of training:

Calculating the economic performance of economic entities, conducting tax audits of financial and economic operations, auditing the effectiveness of accounting, analyzing risks and identifying threats in the field of economic security.

Studied profile disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Economics of the organization (enterprise)
  • Control and revision
  • Economic security
  • Basics of enterprise management and security
  • Financial analytics and methods of counteracting financial and economic violations
  • Economic analysis
  • Economic and legal analysis
  • Finance
  • Safety and risk assessment
  • Financial risks, analysis and investigation of financial fraud
  • Corporate finance
  • Accounting expertise
  • Audit
  • Financial and credit expertise
  • Economic expertise
  • Tax expertise
  • Organization and methodology of tax audits
  • Judicial statistics
  • Analysis and evaluation of the information component of economic security
  • Specialized economic security software
  • System analysis in the field of economic security
  • Sectoral and regional analysis of the economic security of economic activity

Graduates of this specialization can work in:

  • information and analytical services of law enforcement agencies
  • tax and other regulatory bodies of state power
  • economic security divisions of banks, enterprises, organizations
  • legal protection and public procurement services
  • organizations of state, independent, judicial and other expertise in the field of economics and security
  • technical support and information security services in the field of control (StaffCop, INFOWATCH).


Admissions Committee

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Belova Nadezhda E.
Faculty of Economics and Management Other fields of study