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Information systems and technologies

Master's degree 09.04.02 / Cost per semester: ₽ 125 350


Intramural studies


2 years

Educational program specializations

Computer programming and BIM-technologies in construction

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Acquired knowledge and skills, specifics of training:

Building information modeling (BIM) technologies are a new approach in which the entire process of engineering, building and operation of facilities is transferred to a single information space, which allows you to centrally manage all changes, avoid many errors and save resources.

When studying the program 09.04.02 "Information systems and technologies", in-depth knowledge is given in the field of programming and working with software within the BIM technologies.

Studied profile disciplines:

  • Research methodology
  • Special chapters of mathematics
  • Database development technologies
  • Theoretical basics of programming
  • Decision theory
  • ERP systems
  • Scientific journalism
  • Finite element software systems
  • Building information modeling 
  • 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality technologies
  • Python programming
  • Models and methods of data mining
  • BIM management
  • Computer and mathematical modeling in construction
  • Programming in BIM tasks
  • Application graphics packages
  • Information technologies in construction
  • Information model verification technologies (NavisWorks)
  • CAD software in construction
  • Methods and means of information protection
  • Data management in corporate information systems

Graduates of this specialization can work as:

  • application developers
  • specialists in virtual and augmented reality
  • BIM programmers
  • BIM managers and BIM coordinators
  • Big Data analysts
  • system analysts
  • developers of information models (BIM)
  • software specialists in construction companies
  • IT project managers

Entrance examination program for master's degree in Computer programming and BIM-technologies in construction


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Natalia Orlova

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