Transport processes technology

Bachelor's degree 23.03.01 / Cost per semester: ₽ 57 450

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Extramural studies


4.5 years

Educational program specializations

Road transport and traffic management

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Acquired knowledge and skills, specifics of training:

  • organization and management of the movement of material flows in the systems of production and promotion of goods to consumers;
  • organization, planning and management of the movement of passenger flows;
  • organization and analysis of the functioning of motor transport systems;
  • profiling in technology, organization and management of transport production, in the management of transport services, in international road transport, in information technology in vehicles.

Studied profile disciplines:

  • Management of socio-technical systems
  • Ecology
  • Information technology in transport
  • Economics of a transport enterprise
  • Transport law
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Transport psychology
  • Technological support of transport processes
  • Analysis of the transport activity of the enterprise
  • Economic and mathematical methods in transport
  • Transport systems of megacities
  • General course of transport
  • Commercial work in transport
  • Road transport
  • Organization and traffic safety
  • Efficiency of transport systems
  • Technical and economic analysis of solutions for the organization of transport processes
  • Transport planning and modeling
  • Development of transport systems
  • Fundamentals of forwarding services
  • Fundamentals of transport and storage processes and operations
  • Geoinformation systems
  • Cartographic support for road transport
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Telecommunication systems in transport management

Graduates of this specialization can work:

  • organizations and enterprises of public and non-public transport, engaged in the transportation of passengers, cargo, cargo luggage and baggage, the provision of infrastructure for use, regardless of their form of ownership and organizational and legal forms;
  • services of operation and traffic safety of public and private transport enterprises;
  • forwarding enterprises and organizations;
  • services of the state transport inspectorate, marketing services and divisions for the study and maintenance of the transport services market;
  • production and marketing systems, organizations and enterprises of information support for production and technological systems;
  • research and design organizations engaged in activities in the field of development of transport technology and technology of transport processes, organization and traffic safety;
  • organizations carrying out educational activities on the main professional educational programs and on the main programs of professional training. 


Admissions Committee

Contact for inquiries about admission to the extramural studies

Kulinskaya Ekaterina V.
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