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Essential for international students

20 Mar 2023

To ensure ENTRY into the Russian Federation (hereinafter, the RF) for the purpose of training, foreign students and graduate students of SPbGASU must:

To ensure DEPARTURE from the Russian Federation for holidays or for other reasons, foreign students of SPbGASU must 

Please, consider:

Foreign citizens entering the RF for the purpose of studying at SPbGASU are required to:

  1. Issue a medical insurance policy for VHI, valid from the date of crossing the border with the RF in accordance with the Decree of the RF Government dated 06.03.2013 No. 186 “On approval of the Rules for the provision of medical care to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation”.Detailed information on the procedure for issuing a VHI policy and insurance programs is available in the International Relations Division (office 301-1).
  2. * Pass the mandatory state fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination in accordance with the federal law of 25.07.2002 No. 115-FZ “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation” (Article 5, parts 18.19). (Procedure)

* except for citizens of the Republic of Belarus; persons who have a residence permit or a temporary residence permit on the territory of the RF

To issue invitations from visa countries, please send the following documents to

  1. completed application form;
  2. clear scanned copy of the front page of the international passport;
  3. scanned copy of the passport's translation to Russian.

Dear Students,

If you are having trouble transferring money from abroad to Russia, we recommend the following:
  • apply to any office of the "Saint Petersburg"  bank to open a foreign currency account;
  • according to the information of the Saint Petersburg Bank, the opening of a foreign currency account (for transferring money in US dollars and euros) is FREE!
  • the procedure for opening an account is the same as for opening a "Mir" scholarship card. If you do not have a "Mir" card, you need to open it following the same instructions as for scholarship recipients;
  • it is important that the bank of the sender of funds interact with a foreign correspondent bank, through which the transfer to the account in the "Saint Petersburg" bank takes place;
  • funds received in foreign currency will need to be transferred to the ruble account to which the "Mir" card is linked. (As needed - all currency is not required to be exchanged.)
In order to receive up-to-date information about the educational process, meetings and other events, we invite you to register on the VKontakte social network, join the official SPbGASU group and subscribe to the "Foreign Students" newsletter.

To do this, go to the group menu by clicking on the link. 

Application for accommodation in a dormitory

Issuance of bank cards for scholarships

➠ For questions related to signing the agreement for the provision of paid educational services and payment for tuition, you must contact the SPbGASU Paid Educational Services Division at tel. +7 (812) 316-45-14, 316-36-34 and by e-mail:
All questions related to the organization of education for foreign citizens who are outside the Russian Federation and in quarantine can be clarified remotely by phone and e-mail of the deans' offices of the relevant faculties, as well as by e-mail of the departments.

For all other questions, please call the International Relations Division by phone: +7 (812) 316-73-14, +7 (812) 712-63-40 (passport and visa department).

For questions about arrival in the Russian Federation, departure from the Russian Federation, migration registration, issuance of invitations and visas, e-mail at:, or refer to the section "Education for foreign citizens".

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