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SPbGASU and Glavstroy St Petersburg Summed Up the Results of the Case Championship

Text: Tatiana Petrova

Photo: Ekaterina Nikiforova

26 May 2023

SPbGASU and the development company Glavstroy St Petersburg summed up the results of the case championship "SAF project". As part of the competition, 11 teams, which included second-year students, developed small architectural forms for the residential complex "Northern Valley" in the Vyborgsky district of the Northern capital.

1.jpgFrom left to right: Ekaterina Simakova, HR Director, Design Institute No. 2; Ivan Shevchuk; Angelina Dobrovolskaya; Ulyana Gribova; Anna Otroshchenko, PR Director of Glavstroy St Petersburg; Alla Stanislavskaya, Head of Training and Development Department, Glavstroy St;Petersburg; Konstantin Fonov; Irina Zaplatkina; Daria Rychigina

Small architectural forms (SAF) are architectural structures that decorate territories and increase their level of comfort. They give uniqueness to the surrounding urban space.

The case championship was held in two stages from October 2022 to May 2023. At the first, individual stage, the contestants (students of the Faculty of Architecture) visited the Northern Valley, studied the surrounding buildings, analyzed the color and plastic context of the environment and developed projects of small architectural forms. After that, in February 2023, teams were formed from among the authors of the best models. Economists-estimators joined the architects - students of the Faculty of Economics and Management. In the second stage, based on previous individual developments, the teams created unified holistic concepts and calculated the cost of their projects.

The case championship program also included master classes from the Glavstroy St Petersburg team, during which, students learned about the role of small architectural forms in the marketing promotion of projects, the formation of an estimated cost and the economic justification for each element of the SAF, and also got acquainted with practical examples of projects for the integrated development of territories. The head of the training group held a master class on the art of project presentation.

“All parties benefited from this competition. We have received a fresh look at the improvement of public spaces, and the best ideas will be implemented in our residential areas, which will further increase the comfort of living. For students, this is an opportunity for professional growth, learning not only in the theoretical, but also in the practical field - the winners will undergo a paid internship in our company, - said Dmitry Kalinin, director of the Northern Valley project of the Glavstroy St Petersburg company. – All works were performed at such a high level that, I confess, it was difficult for us to choose one laureate. Therefore, we immediately identified two teams that, after completion, will be able to implement their projects in our residential complexes "Northern Valley" and "Yuntolovo"".

According to the results of expert voting, the first place was shared by two teams: "North Park", which included Irina Zaplatkina, Konstantin Fonov and Daria Rychigina, coordinating architect Anna Chernenkova, assistant at the Department of Architectural Environment Design, coordinating economist Anna Shamsutdinova, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Management , Senior Lecturer at the Department of Construction Economics and Housing and Utility Infrastructure; and "Triglyph", which included Ulyana Gribova, Ivan Shevchuk, Angelina Dobrovolskaya and Aleksandra Ershova, coordinating architect Denis Romanov, Associate Professor at the Department of Architectural Environment Design, coordinating economist Sergey Shirshikov, Deputy Dean for Career Guidance Counceling of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Associate Professor at the Department of Construction Economics and Housing and Utility Infrastructure.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to take part in such a serious and practice-oriented competition. In the process of work, we learned many new aspects of design, which in the future we will be able to apply in our architectural projects. We were lucky to work with the teachers of the Department of Architectural Environment Design and see a new approach to creating ideas and concepts, so we want to express our deep gratitude to the coordinators who supported and guided us on a long and difficult journey. This competition has become an opportunity for us to go beyond the usual course projects and fall in love with the profession we are getting,” shared Ulyana Gribova.

The second place went to the "Northern Influence" team, which included Sofia Shevchenko, Viktoria Suslova, Mark Fomin, Elizaveta Tyutkova and Daria Batyreva, coordinating architect Aleksey Perov, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architectural Environment Design, coordinating economist Sergey Shirshikov.

The third place was taken by "Dr. Arch" team, which included Igor Bormatenkov, Valeria Anisimova, Irina Kuznetsova and Ksenia Lysenko, coordinating architect Konstantin Kolodin, Associate Professor at the Department of Architectural Environment Design, coordinating economist Sergey Shirshikov.

In addition, the jury awarded diplomas to the following teams: "Constructor in red" - for harmonious integration into the environment and the most original photo zone; "VAKKO Architects" - for space ideas; "Northern Influence" - for a super squirrel that kids will love; "Operation Fortune" - for the continuation of existing traditions; "AA" - for caring for people; "25/8" - for original lighting solutions; "Light" - for caring for the environment.

The SPbGASU teachers, who took an active part in the competition, received letters of gratitude from the Glavstroy Saint Petersburg company. Glavstroy St Petersburg, represented by its PR Director Anna Otroshchenko, in turn, received a letter of thanks from SPbGASU.

“The University is implementing a large strategic development program, one of the sections of which is called "Quality Education" and involves direct interaction in the learning process with our potential employers - construction companies, executive authorities. We strive for practice-oriented training, we strive for the maximum involvement of organizations in the real sector of the economy in the training of future specialists,” emphasized Marina Malyutina, Head of the SPbGASU Division for Study Administration.

“This case championship is only a part of the company's great work. We have many programs for cooperation with universities and secondary educational institutions. I am sure that our cooperation will continue. There will be other case championships, internships, practices. There are many directions, we are not quitting.” - Dmitry Kalinin emphasized.