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The results of scientific (research) activities for 2018

About results

The teaching staff, employees, postgraduate students and doctoral students of SPbGASU published:

Conferences attended by employees of the organization: 300; of those, international: 200.

Exhibitions in which employees of the organization participated: 18, of those, international:- 9.

The exhibits presented at the exhibitions: 246, of those at international exhibits: 90.

Information about the most significant results of research and development activities at the university:

  • Probabilistic methods for solving methods for systems of nonlinear parabolic equations
  • Geodesic method for solving geodynamic problems
  • Dynamic-Building Information Model - DBIM
  • Simulation system for vehicle fuel quality control
  • The method of calculating the parameters of the stress-strain state of elements of building structures, including those made from composite materials of natural and artificial origin
  • Evaluation method for the analysis of the heat network failures
  • Research techniques for full-scale reinforced concrete structures in the conditions of low and alternating temperatures
  • Methods of integrated study of strength, stability and non-linear oscillations of reinforced shell structures under dynamic loading
  • Methodology of the organization of priority corridors for city passenger transport
  • Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the application on vehicles of additional equipment improving the aerodynamic characteristics
  • Methods of applying archaeological surveys to clarify and solve a number of source-study and technical issues within the framework of the modern approach to the work on the reconstruction of museum objects and architectural and landscape monuments of cultural heritage
  • Conical helix constant pitch projection technique
  • The method of calculation and recommendations for anchor securing slopes and escarpments in the course of construction and operation
  • The method of calculating the key performance indicators of transport and technological machines
  • Methods of improving the staffing mechanisms of the construction sector in the conditions of the formation of the digital economy
  • Methodology of development of entrepreneurial structures in the construction industry in the conditions of the formation of a digital economy
  • Optimized drainage system with the account of the regulation of wastewater flow
  • Orthotropic composite plates
  • Proposals on the unification of the norms of the Russian Federation legislation aimed at improving the existing civil, civil procedural and arbitration law
  • Power plant with internal combustion engine
  • The method for determining the plasticity of a concrete mixture and a device for its implementation
  • Theory of the analysis of the relationship of the parameters of the architectural process and the main characteristics of the objects of architecture
  • The theory of dichotomy and stability of systems with periodic nonlinearities
  • The "Simulation System of Vehicle Fuel Quality Control" device
  • Forms of improvement of legal regulations of urban planning activities in the Russian Federation at the present stage