Accessible environment

Studying at SPbGASU as a disabled student is nothing different compared to studying as a student without any disabilities. This is thanks to the well-organized system which aims to be equally accessible to every student regardless of their physical abilities. Presently, several dozens of students with disabilities study at the University. In the past years, we have investigated the disabled students’ needs and improved the ways they can cater to their needs. We bettered their facilities and study curriculums, administrative services and a long list of many other things. This reflects the international commitment to equal treatment for disabled people as Russia signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2009.


Disability-Related Legislation in Russia

According to the Russian Federal Law N 181-FZ on social protection of people with disabilities, no student at university or other institution of higher education should be discriminated against or otherwise differently treated on grounds of disability. This covers all levels of the studies: admission, study environment, teaching, and examination.

By law, the university is responsible for solving every disabled student issue. In compliance with our commitment to this law, university administration assigned a dedicated specialist to support disabled students attending a course at the university, address their concerns and offer adequate solutions. Any international student with a disability willing to study at SPbGASU can ask for assistance at the Office for Academic Work.

Our university has a comprehensive coverage of disabled students’ needs. However, the wide range of specific needs prospective students can have makes it harder to identify and solve all of them in advance.



It might be a good idea to take into consideration the specifics of training and future employment prior to applying to a particular educational program. Specialists of the University Admissions Office can help in choosing the area of training or specialization better accessible during the training; tell you about the specifics and possibilities for applying the future gained knowledge in practice. Information about admission to study within a special quota and the specifics of entrance examinations for people with disabilities is available on the website of the University in the section "For Prospective Students.

Consultations and advice on the admission of people with disabilities can be obtained from the University Admissions Office at #29 Moskovsky Ave., St. Petersburg Tel.: +7(812)316-20-26, +7(812)316-11-23, email:


What kind of assistance can a disabled student seek for at SPbGASU?

The university is strictly obligated to guarantee student’s attendance in every aspect of the education process no matter what disabilities the student might have. The student must let the university know what their needs are in advance. The university has a medical and preventive center. A dedicated

psychologist is available for social and extracurricular work with students.

Here are the kinds of assistance that our University is ready to provide for students with disabilities.


Accessibility for Disabled Students

We are doing our best to ensure disabled students can freely move within the university. An illustration of this are wheelchair stairs which enable disabled students to have the necessary access to classrooms, libraries, dining halls, dormitories and other university facilities. The entrance to each building of the University is equipped with information plates duplicating the name and mode of operation of the university with Braille boldface, as well as a system for calling support staff for people who have difficulty in moving independently and need help. The width of the doorways in the walls, staircases, platforms is sufficient for moving for people with disabilities. In addition to elevators, there are handrails and removable ramps to ensure comfortable movement along the stairs. Replaceable wheelchairs with removable wheels are available to overcome narrow aisles, and specially equipped entrance to the main building for wheelchair users is offered. Entrances to dining rooms have no floor steps, bright contrasting markings are provided on the door leafs, distribution stands are low, and there are handrails.


Accommodation and Facilities for Disabled Students

SPbGASU maintains specific accommodation conditions for disabled students. Quite often these students have the advantage of being the first enrollees to be accommodated in a dorm. Four specially equipped hygienic rooms / bathrooms are dedicated to people with disabilities in the university buildings and there is a fully equipped room in the dorm.

Rearranging the Study Program

Along with co-education, an individual approach and distance learning technologies are widely used. If necessary, and on the recommendation of the psychological, medical and pedagogical commission, the University may rearrange the study program and match it with the student’s needs. In this way, the student will receive the proper education they are pursuing, the same as everybody else at the university.


Academic Adjustments

Disabled students studying at SPbGASU can seek for formal academic adjustments. For instance, a student may find it hard to stay in line with an assignment deadline or the time limit allotted for taking an exam. In these situations, their tutor is obligated to give more time for them to complete the tasks.

Studying at SPbGASU as a disabled student

Studying at SPbGASU as a disabled student is characterized by an additional feature of supporting: students with disabilities have the right to receive material assistance, social scholarships and other measures of social support. However, aside from the advantages mentioned above, while studying at SPbGASU as a disabled student, they need to take care of their personal specific medical needs entirely on their own. For example, a disabled student who needs a person to convey them the information given in a university lecture through sign-language will have to pay for such help on their own. Or, if they need to take medications, the university won’t cover them.

Do disabled students need to prove their disability?

Yes, they do. This is the only way the university can identify them as students with special needs and be able to offer the proper assistance. A disabled student must seek a doctor to prove their health conditions. The doctor that issues the medical certificate to confirm disability will have to use two classifications, ICD and ICF, both recognized by the World Health Organization. Please keep in mind, that all health certificates must be translated by a legal translator in order to be accepted in Russia.