SPbGASU Canteen

Students’ life is full of studies and work, and every student needs good nutrition: tasty but inexpensive food. The SPbGASU canteen meets the requirements.

About four thousand people come to the canteen in the main building every day. The recent major overhaul made the dining room modern, cozy and comfortable. Everyone can find a place here to their liking – be that a comfortable table by the window, bar tables or soft sofas with long tables, where students can even celebrate birthdays in large groups.

The employees of the canteen do their best to diversify the menu, make the dishes good for the health of students; for cooking they use natural vegetables and quality meat. First and second courses, salads, fresh pastries, meat dishes, set lunches and special offers await visitors. All this can also be carried out.

The canteen of the main building combines the main dining room, a small dining room for teachers and university staff, and two cafés that offer salads, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, as well as a wide selection of pastry and fruit desserts, and a coffee and tea variety. The meals are accompanied by pleasant music and photos from the university life shown on a large TV screen.

A distinctive feature of the SPbGASU canteen is its modern interior, fast and quality service, and, for sure, delicious and inexpensive dishes that became famous even outside the university. The SPbGASU Faculty of Architecture is proud of the new student café, which not only the future architects and their mentors attend but also folks from other faculties and guests of the university enjoy visiting. The remarkable atmosphere and beautiful views make this place particularly attractive to young people. And though other food outlets are open nearby - none of those can be compared with the SPbGASU student café. This is not just a café. This is a favorite place for meetings, converse, and relaxation.

At the SPbGASU Faculty of Automobile and Road Building located at 2/5 Kurlyandskaya Street, a buffet is open on weekdays. The buffet assortment includes hot and cold dishes, salads, drinks and desserts. Students, teachers and staff of the Faculty can have a meal right in their educational building, in the cozy atmosphere of the university buffet.

All SPbGASU food outlets are well accessible for people with disabilities: the doorways are wide enough, entrances have no barriers, bright contrast marking is placed around, the distribution racks are low, and handrails are placed wh ere necessary. Sound amplifying equipment for emergency announcements and other important cases is installed in all premises, as are LCD screens for displaying visual and audio information.

Welcome to all SPbGASU eateries! They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.