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Student Testimonials


I did my undergraduate studies at SPbGASU, where I had the best teachers with the most interesting lectures. And now I am happy to continue as a graduate student under their guidance. What I really like about the university is the attitude towards international students. I have enjoyed support from the first day here and the university has become my home.

Gaavithri Fonseka (Sri Lanka) Master’s student, Faculty of Architecture


When I was looking for information about Russian universities on the internet, I saw the SPbGASU website and I just fell in love with this university at first sight. Studying at SPbGASU is a great choice: it offers you high-quality education, one of the best in Russia, and also a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Once you come here, you'll be in the thick of interesting events, you'll make new friends, and your fellow students will be guys from all over the world.

Coumba Ка (Senegal) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Economics and Management


I was searching for information on the web and I found only positive opinions about Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The academic level here is very good. I think it is a great choice – first of all, because of the high quality of education. Moreover, if you are an international student studying here to become a civil engineer or an architect, for example, you will also acquire a good knowledge of the Russian language in addition to professional competencies, and your future career will only benefit from that.

Victoria Fernandez (Dominican Republic) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Civil Engineering


SPbGASU offers a very high level of architecture education and is situated in my favourite city – Saint Petersburg. I would definitely recommend this university to applicants from other countries because here you get real knowledge and not just ‘a piece of paper’. I like architectural design most of all, it is our main subject. I also enjoy sculpture and drawing classes. We have great teachers and they are always helpful, responsive and empathetic. I don't feel like a foreigner in Russia!

Antonia Angelova (Bulgaria) Master’s student, Faculty of Architecture


I chose studying in Russia because it was accessible, including the language. I decided to enter Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering because of its high ranking and the opportunity to study in the field I was interested in. I am very glad I made the right choice.

Anastasia Kotova (Kazakhstan) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Economics and Management


A friend of mine recommended Russia as the place to study – because of the country's high academic and cultural level. I did not know anything about universities there, but when I started searching online for the best Russian universities, SPbGASU was very high on the list. I wrote to three Russian universities in parallel and was surprised at how quickly I received a reply from SPbGASU.

There was another reason I chose this university: I read on the website that different sports clubs are available here and they encourage students to play sports. I play football as a goalkeeper, and I didn't want to interrupt my sporting career. Now I'm in the SPbGASU team.

That’s why I would recommend everyone not to be afraid and become a student of this university. Of course, it is not easy for foreigners to study in Russian, so you have to start with preparatory courses to learn the language first. I took a Russian course at SPbGASU last year, and it was very useful.

I have good relationships with my teachers: they are friendly and understand foreign students’ difficulties. But when it comes to studying, they are strict. That is as it should be.

Yahya Elghandour (Egypt) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Civil Engineering


I wanted to study in St. Petersburg, and SPbGASU is one of the leading universities in the field of construction and architecture. I also like the helpful teaching staff and vibrant student life here.

Aygul Orazdurdyeva (Turkmenistan) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Economics and Management


As a schoolboy, I wanted to get a higher education in Russia and was preparing for it. My brother lives in St. Petersburg. He advised me to go to Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and I thought – why not? So, I passed my exams and got in.

There is a Council of International Students at SPbGASU. It was established to bring the students together, help us get to know each other. I also take part in the Council’s work, and was its deputy chairman.

Come and study at Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering! You will find good teachers and interesting subjects here. At SPbGASU, I’m getting all the knowledge I need.

Artur Etchanov (Turkmenistan) Master’s student, Faculty of Forensics and Law in Construction and Transport


I decided to study in Russia because the education system is different here. In Macedonia, you don't go to university and only meet your teachers at colloquiums, tests and exams. Several of my friends had moved to study in St. Petersburg and told me how nice it was here.

I really like the level of teaching at SPbGASU. And students at our university are interesting, friendly and talented, too.

Dragana Jordanovska (North Macedonia) Master’s student, Faculty of Civil Engineering


At first, I studied architecture in Tbilisi. Then the question arose as to where to study next. I decided to go to St. Petersburg because there are more opportunities here. When my parents learned about my decision, they were happy and supported me.

I like studying at Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The teachers at the university are competent and love what they do, they know how to set the right tasks. I heard a lot of positive feedback from the guys who came to Tbilisi for a workshop. They told me that training is at a high level here, and it is one of the best architectural universities in Russia.

At SPbGASU you find a high level of education and good people, all paths are open. I really like that the University provides opportunities to take part in workshops abroad and gain new experience.

Nikolaos Gurjiev (Georgia) Master’s student, Faculty of Architecture


I completed my higher education at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam, after which, in order to pursue a career in teaching and science, I enrolled in a postgraduate programme at SPbGASU. I chose St. Petersburg because it is a very beautiful city, and I liked SPbGASU because of its high level of education. There are so many qualified professors and students from different countries here, that’s so great!

I would advise future foreign students not to be afraid to come here. I think Russian people are very kind and friendly. The main thing is to take efforts to master the language and stay focused on your studies.

Nguyen Thai Hiep (Vietnam) PhD student, Faculty of Civil Engineering


I entered SPbGASU in 2019. I enjoy attending the lectures, our lecturers explain everything clearly and are willing to help students in difficult situations. All the teachers I have met here are very amiable and interested in the students' achievements. The teaching is informative. For well-known reasons, we have been transferred to distance learning, and we are looking forward to resuming our face-to-face classes.

Indira Kabenova (Kazakhstan) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Architecture


In 2019, I decided to study abroad, in the Russian Federation, to be exact. I wanted to go to a technical university. There were many different options, but on the very first page of a Google search I saw SPbGASU. I became interested and started reading reviews about the university. I think I made the right choice.

Choosing the university where you will spend your student years is certainly not an easy thing to do – many people say that these are the best years of their lives, and I agree with them. SPbGASU is a place where any of your initiatives can be fulfilled. I’ve checked it out! Seems like big words, but strangely enough, it’s absolutely true.

Asadillo Khazhiev (Kyrgyzstan) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Civil Engineering


I admire Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. I found out about it just by searching on the internet for the best architectural university in Russia. That was back in 2015. I am now in my final year at the Faculty of Architecture. Since my first year here, I have been very impressed by the knowledge and experience I gained during my studies. It is an outstanding university – not only academically, but also in terms of extracurricular activities.

In my first year, I had difficulties with the Russian language, but the teachers and the Council of International Students helped me to solve my problems.

Since our university has had an e-learning platform for a long time, switching to distance learning and online communication with teachers during the pandemic was nothing new. I am proud to say that I will soon graduate from one of the best architecture and engineering universities in the world.

Navindu Devaraja (Sri Lanka) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Architecture


I was enrolled at SPbGASU in 2019. I really like studying here. The teachers pay attention to each student. Besides, there are many extracurricular activities: sports, dancing, fun quests and hobby clubs. We can study in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Nadezhda Zakusilova (Kazakhstan) Bachelor’s student, Faculty of Civil Engineering