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The Museum of the University History

The Museum of the University History began to take shape from the foundation of the School of Civil Engineers (UGI, 1832). In the post-October years, it became the museum of the engineering school. The Great Patriotic War interrupted the history of the museum, which resumed its work in the postwar years. The history of the now Museum began with a small exhibition about the heroism of the teachers, students and staff of LISI during the war, which was opened in April 1970. The Museum Council had been working for a year on creating a new museum exposition corresponding to the modern conditions and the requirements of museum practice.

The museum collections include a documentary fund on the history of the university, a fund of photographs, a fund of banners, a physical fund and a fund of architectural projects, which is currently being formed. Today the exposition and funds of the museum tell about the past and present of the university, serve as a basis for the thematic and excursion routes, research and educational work on the history of the university, architectural and construction science and practice, contribute to the patriotic education of new generations of students.

The Museum of St Petersburg Brick History

The Museum of St Petersburg Brick History was founded at St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 1991. The opening of the museum was preceded by 30 years of research on the brick structures, residential buildings, industrial structures and architectural monuments of St Petersburg.

The new exposition, which opened in 2011, included more than 400 samples of St Petersburg wall ceramics produced from the beginning of St Petersburg to the end of the 19th century. In addition, the museum features reproductions of drawings and engravings depicting the brick production of the 18th and 19th centuries, There are also photographs of buildings and constructions, which were built by St Petersburg architects, who taught at the University in the middle of the 19th century. Having reopened its doors to the public, the St Petersburg brick  history museum will be of interest to students, faculty and staff of the University, as well as to schoolchildren, teachers, historians, architects, restorers, builders, local historians and ceramists. The museum offers thematic lectures on the history of brick-making.