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SPbGASU Message

The message of SPbGASU is to keep the traditions of Russian civil engineers school and architectural environment of Saint-Petersburg and Russia, to provide innovative development in architecture, construction, transport and quality of life improvement.

The message is performed through training of highly-skilled professionals by implementing up-to-date research methods and educational technologies.

Strategic objectives

  • Integrate into international educational system;
  • Implement innovations in professional education;
  • Conduct top-level scientific research ensuring its demand in Russia and abroad;
  • Improve the highest-quality training of University staff;
  • Develop research and laboratory facilities with cutting-edge equipment.


  • Fundamental training and harmonious development of students;
  • High professionalism of University staff;
  • Motivation and involvement of the staff into education quality improvement.


  • Raise the quality of learning and material support of education, apply modern learning technologies;
  • Increase and extend scientific and innovation activities of the University to draw on additional resources, do further training of the staff and establish the base for successful learning;
  • Improve material reward and social security systems for students and University staff;
  • Develop and apply quality assurance system to constantly increase the quality of education and research.