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University to the city

Throughout its history, professors and graduates of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering have made significant contributions to the construction and restoration of buildings in St Petersburg, other Russian and foreign cities. They have largely determined the architectural appearance of the city on the Neva river and its suburbs.

The University actively assists the Government of St Petersburg in making scientifically sound urban planning decisions, the reconstruction of the historic center of the city and its suburbs, the introduction of new technologies in the construction industry, and responds to requests from other cities.

Scientists of the university performed a large amount of work on the reconstruction of the historic center and new construction, examination, surveys and engineering-geological studies, laboratory and field research.

Works carried out by order of the Construction Committee of St Petersburg and other authorities of the city and Leningrad region, research and production organizations are carried out according to the results of the University's victories in open tenders.

St Petersburg General Plan

was developed under the supervision of our graduate, the chief architect of the city at the time, Alexander Viktorov, with the participation of another of our graduates, Professor S. D. Mityagin, director of the Research and Design Center for the General Plan of St Petersburg.

The program of investments in the development of the city

The concept of the long-term program of capital investments in the socio-economic development of the city was carried out under the supervision of Professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, then head of the Department of Economics of Construction, Yury Panibratov.

General scheme of gas supply of the city

was developed under the guidance of the head of the department of the Lengiproinzhproekt Design Institute, A. V. Shalin, a graduate of our university.

Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna

The restoration works on the site were carried out under the supervision of a graduate of our university, a military civil engineer, Honored Builder of Russia, Lieutenant General R. G. Khamhokov - at the time the head of the FSUE Office of Special Construction on the territory № 3 at Spetsstroi of Russia.

Reconstruction of St Petersburg bridges

Reconstruction of Troitsky, Tuchkov, Bolshoy Okhtinsky and Blagoveshchensky (former Lieutenant Schmidt) bridges was carried out according to projects developed on the basis of test results to assess the residual life of their structures, performed under the guidance of then head of the department of bridges and tunnels, Professor V. A. Bystrov. The head of construction V. I. Frolov and the chief engineer of the project Yu. Yu. Krylov are our graduates.

Design and reconstruction of buildings

Employees and graduates of the University took an active part in the design of the Peter, Stockmann and Sennaya shopping centers, a hotel complex in the village of Losevo; in the reconstruction of the educational building and hostel of the State Polar Academy in St Petersburg, the church wing of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin, completed projects for the reconstruction and interior design of the lobby of V. F.  Komissarzhevskaya Theater, lecture audience and hall for the defense of doctoral dissertations of the St Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy (SPbGPMA).

Expertise of historical buildings

For the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg, under the guidance of Professor V. N. Bronin, a number of historical buildings and structures were surveyed before their major reconstruction. Among them were the foundations of the Rostral Columns, the Mikhailovsky Castle, the eastern wing of the General Staff building.

On the basis of the survey and the project developed under the guidance of Professor R. A. Mangushev, the cellars of the Senate and Synod buildings were deepened. Under the guidance of Associate Professor A. I. Osokin, the foundations of the Tauride Palace were strengthened. The survey was conducted by Professor S. N. Sotnikov, under whose supervision the foundations of the Finnish Church of St Mary were strengthened.

The Institute for construction design of buildings and structures at SPbGASU (Director A.V. Trofimov) cooperates with the KGIOP, the Committee on Education and the Committee on Health of the Government of St Petersburg, with the administrations of the city districts, conducting for them surveys of schools, kindergartens, hospitals under the jurisdiction of the City Government. In 2009–2010 it carried out work on the reconstruction of old buildings considered architectural monuments, namely the mansion of the Trubetskoy-Naryshkins (Tchaikovsky St., 29/2), the former building of the regimental laundry of the Life Guards of the Moscow (Lithuanian) Regiment (B. Sampsonievsky Prospect, 63, lit. . A), as well as on the restoration and adaptation of the former building of the Russian Bank for foreign trade for administrative purposes (B. Morskaya st., 32 and 40).

Development of the regulatory framework for construction

The university participates both in design, practical construction work and expertise, as well as in the formation of a regulatory framework for the construction and reconstruction of the city. For example, TSN 50-302-2004 "Designing the foundations of buildings and structures in St Petersburg", TSN 31-332-2006 "Residential and public high-rise buildings" were published with the participation of scientists from St Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering. Professor V. D. Karlov developed TMD 50-601-04 “Methodology for assessing the characteristics of frost-prone properties of soils in the construction of St Petersburg”, together with the State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St Petersburg”, developed the “Regulations for the operation of water supply and sewer networks”.

Ring road around St Petersburg (KAD)

The general designer of the ring road is CJSC Petersburg-Dorservis (general director I. A. Pichugov). Oversaw the construction of the Ring Road, passing through the territory of the Leningrad region, at that time the vice-governor of the Leningrad region, Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation N. I. Pasyada. Both are graduates of our university. The tender for scientific support of the construction of the Ring Road was won in 2000 by SPbGASU, scientific support was provided by our graduates and teachers, professors V. A. Bystrov, S. A. Evtyukov and B. N. Karpov.

Northern aeration station

The reconstruction of the complex of treatment facilities at the Northern Aeration Station, taking into account the removal of biogenic elements (nitrogen and phosphorus), was carried out using the recommendations of SPbGASU professors M. I. Alekseev and B. G. Mishukov.

In the framework of tenders of the Housing Committee and the City Emergency Service of the Housing Fund of St. Petersburg, inspection and certification of the city's housing stock, measurement of structural elements and their parts as part of the common property of apartment buildings were performed.

In the framework of tenders of the Housing Committee and the City Emergency Service of the Housing Fund of St. Petersburg.

Based on St. Petersburg Government resolution and a contract with Gorod LLC dated July 17, 2014 by order of the St. Petersburg Construction Committee, preliminary (visual) and detailed (instrumental) inspection of 240 apartment buildings and non-residential buildings in the historic city center in the Konyushennaya and Severnaya Kolomna - New Holland areas for planning their subsequent repair and reconstruction was performed.

As a result of tenders for the State Unitary Enterprise "Housing and Communal Services", research was carried out to develop a methodology for determining a differentiated minimum fee for capital repair of common property in apartment buildings in St. Petersburg for 2015 and beyond. Monitoring and development of recommendations on optimization of the staff of the construction sector of St. Petersburg was carried out for the Committee on Construction of St. Petersburg.