Land transport and technological means

Specialist degree 23.05.01 / Cost per semester: ₽ 125 400

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Intramural studies


5 years

Educational program specializations

Lifting and transportation, construction, road vehicles and equipment

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Acquired knowledge and skills, specifics of training:

Development, implementation, production, installation and operation of equipment; preparation for research in the field of hoisting and transport, construction and road engineering, complex mechanization and automation of hoisting and transport, loading and unloading and warehouse operations, as well as in the field of mechanization of industrial and civil construction.

Studied profile disciplines:

  • Organization and planning of production
  • Introduction to the specialty
  • Legal basis of forensic technical expertise
  • Applied mechanics
  • Workflow modeling
  • Theory of mechanisms and machines
  • Machine parts and basic design
  • Operating materials
  • Basics of scientific research
  • Reliability of mechanical systems
  • Computer-aided LTCRV&E design systems
  •  LTCRV&E designs
  • Lifting machines and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment for continuous transport
  • Construction and road machinery and equipment
  • Structural mechanics and metal structures of LTCRV&E
  • Power plants of LTCRV&E
  • Electrical equipment of LTCRV&E
  • Structural and protective finishing materials
  • Production technology of LTCRV&E
  • Operation of  LTCRV&E
  • Repair and disposal of  LTCRV&E
  • Theory of  LTCRV&E
  • Design of  LTCRV&E
  • Tests  LTCRV&E

Graduates of this specialization can work in/at:

  • enterprises of the construction industry, public utilities;
  • road organizations;
  • machine-building plants, operating high-performance lifting, construction, road machines and equipment, continuous transport machines, means of complex mechanization and automation of loading and unloading, transport and warehouse operations, robotic and manipulation equipment of automated lifting and transport systems. 


Admissions Committee

Contact for inquiries about admission to the faculty

Ivanov Pavel S.
Faculty of Automobile and Road Building Other fields of study