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International Cooperation

St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering has a long record of international cooperation and training specialists from many countries of the world. We are proud to be alma mater to hundreds of architects and builders who made their marks on the world map having built comfortable houses and magnificent palaces, constructed roads, tunnels and airdromes, thus helping people to live comfortably, travel through mountains, and fly up into the skies.

Our University keeps being committed to recruiting top international students and scholars and offering a world-class academic and research experience. Our University, a top-tier Russian higher education institution in civil engineering, clearly demonstrates its global character in various areas of international cooperation from research and joint projects to teaching international students and student exchange programs.

The Department of International Cooperation connects SPbGASU with the international community, outlines the university’s strategic goals, fosters international cooperation and enhances university’s partner relations with its traditional and new partners.

SPbGASU has over 70 long-term agreements on cooperation with universities of Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, the Great Britain, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Namibia, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovak Republic, the USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and others.

SPbGASU Department of International Cooperation maintains relations with partner universities fromEurope, Asia, Africa, and North America.

We support

  • Student exchange programs (practical trainings internships), exchange programs for post-graduate students and interns, professors and researchers;
  • Academic mobility programmes for one or two semesters with partner universities;
  • Implementation of joint research and scientific programs and projects with foreign partners and follow-on publication of joint articles, monographs, manuals, and textbooks. 

We are here to help you with any issues from selecting your degree program to filling in admissions application, visa support and accommodations, etc. All these issues fall into the competency of SPbGASU’s Department of International Cooperation.

We also are in charge of organization of major international events here, at our university, at all levels: from joint student projects and double degree education to major international conferences and presentation of world-known experts.

To give you an idea, we listed here just a few of our projects and long-term cooperation agreements and annual events.

Since 2009, SPbGASU has been implementing double degree programs with Finnish partner universities. The programs allow students of the Civil Engineering Faculty and the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services to receive their second (Finnish) Bachelor’s degree diploma after a year of study at the partner university.

Our University participates in cross-border cooperation programs: Erasmus+ Mobility for Learners and Staff (Credit Mobility, 2014-2020) with such other participant universities as Bialystok Technical University (Poland); Birmingham City University (UK); Vilnius Collegium of Technology and Design. This program is focused on the mobility of universities’ students, faculty and research staff for the purposes of teaching or taking academic and research internships.

We also a partner in the South-East Finland - Russia CBC Program for 2014-2020, the SAFECON Project (Safe, Skilled and Productive Construction Sites) together with the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of South-Eastern Finland, XAMK; and the Leningrad State Pushkin University. The goal of the project is to create a joint education and training space "The Safety Park".

SPbGASU partners, university students undergo practical training in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Montenegro and India in addition academic mobility programs with quite a few universities of the world.

Within the frame of students’ joint projects, students from Germany and SPbGASU had worked together on joint reconstruction designs for the Red Triangle Factory and Hamburg Square (in St. Petersburg).

Students and teachers of the Faculty of Architecture are regular participants to the International Contest Seminar in Florence and the International Design Seminar in Venice (Italy)International Baltic Summer School at the HafenCity University Hamburg(Germany).

Within the frames of the 2016 annual St. Petersburg “Week of Germany”, the University hosted the “Hans Sharun, the Architect of Vision” exhibition, the Architect of Vision” exhibition and member of the H. Sharun Berlin Society Dm. Sukhin gave a talk about this world famous German architect, one of top envoys of the organic architecture.

In May 2018, SPbGASU hosted the second part of the Russian-American Geotechnical Symposium (the symposium started in Moscow, at NIIOSP). A three-year agreement on further cooperation between the National Geotechnical Societies of Russia and the U.S. was signed. Members of the American delegation got a chance to see the deepest in the world Leningrad-St. Petersburg metro, the sites of complex protection against floods in Kronstadt, and enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg.

In May – June 2017, the University sponsored the exhibit on “Two Perspectives: Drawing of British and Russian Architects, World War II Veterans” highly praised by independent curators and general public for the opportunity to pay tribute to war veterans and support mutual understanding and peace through arts.



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