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Students' Creative Activities

While studying is the major students’ activity, their life includes a lot more: studentship is the brightest and most memorable time in one’s life. Don’t lose your chance to make it even more exciting: come to our Kirpich Student Club. “Kirpich” means “Brick” in Russian. In our club, you will meet new friends, make unique discoveries, find your new self, and immerse into an absolutely special festive atmosphere. There are many dimensions of creative activities at Kirpich; the club brings together talented, inspired, and goal-oriented students of our university. We have a theatre workshop, studios of artistic mastership, studios of ballroom, modern and arab dance, vocal and choir studio, photo studio, journalism group, etc. You will certainly find something inspirational for you as well.

Various creative teams take active part in the life of our university, represent it at city, national, and international contests, festivals, and concerts. Many of them have received awards and diplomas for their outstanding creative activities.

SPbGASU students can always cheer up their spirit, get away from melancholy, and just have a good time: lots of traditional and new events at the university will help you. First year students get acquainted with the university at the “First Year Students Day.” We all love the “Miss and Mister of GASU” contests, celebrations of the New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, various master classes, and many other things.